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From Twitter 05-13-2010

  • 00:17:31: @twelveicings Shit! I should create an account for you so you can have it when you get an Intel Mac!
  • 00:22:47: @twelveicings 64 at my count. But yep!
  • 00:23:03: @twelveicings If you want an account, let me know and I'll create one! That way, you at least have free Portal!
  • 01:24:32: @dmataconis They will, especially after Strasberg gets called up (once he's not eligible for Super Two status)
  • 02:15:58: I liked a YouTube video -- Manchester United - Bayern Munich 1999 European final http://youtu.be/JybopUgbvfE?a
  • 02:41:16: RT @DHGFBus: RT @GIBiz: Sony games division records $889m loss http://bit.ly/a8ZmQt (That's almost A BILLION. With a B! - Bus)
  • 13:03:15: Just remember, guys: this is after the SECOND ROUND. If they win the Finals? http://bit.ly/aOkmL0
  • 13:11:46: @WhitlockJason You, too? What's with all you talking heads lately? You're losing your min ds.
  • 13:12:36: @burning_phoneix They did. I paid out of pocket and will go back and get the money later.
  • 13:18:47: @SPBowley He's in a hell of a battle with the other idiots in his booth, then. OH MY GOODNESS GWACIOUS!
  • 13:20:55: I'm glad tonight's Cavs game is in Boston. The sound of 20,000 people collectively shitting their pants wouldn't come across on TV well.
  • 13:21:49: @SPBowley That's what happens when said franchise owns their own network.
  • 13:22:18: @SPBowley And to tell the truth? New York's aren't the worst. If you get MLB.tv or Extra Innings, tune into a Nationals game.
  • 13:34:18: Sorry, Fenix, but this is why I strongly dislike Islam: http://bit.ly/8Ybqeb http://bit.ly/csIlul
  • 13:46:32: Everytime this Bud Selig talks, I want to vomit. Why is this man not in jail yet? http://bit.ly/dyIaiN
  • 13:52:14: @dmataconis I was thinking of who she reminded me of, by looking at her. I finally got it: Tammy Faye Baker.
  • 15:14:07: The Sarranid Sultanate pretty much break Mount & Blade. Strong cavalry, no weaknesses. Almost imposible to fight.
  • 16:24:33: @burning_phoneix This is systematic. Use the Prophet Mohamed in ANY WAY that's not approved, and expect to have an attempt on your life.
  • 16:25:05: @burning_phoneix Just ask Salmon Rushdie. That Fatwa is still in effect on him. What's more troubling is that people capitulate to this crap
  • 16:26:01: @burning_phoneix Other cavalry groups (Khregits, Swadians) have weaknesses. You can use spears to take them out, and the Khregits are weak.
  • 16:26:13: @burning_phoneix But these guys have the strongest cavalry AND archers in the game. They have no weaknesses.
  • 19:26:28: @burning_phoneix When fifteen other people there are only being held back by police, nad there's a call for this man's life, yes.
  • 19:32:57: @burning_phoneix Not to mention what Revolution Muslim - based in the US of all places - did, basically saying they would kill Viacom.
  • 19:33:20: @burning_phoneix You don't seem to fucking understand that anti-Muslim sentiment is *rooted in fact*. I sound like fucking Blacken right now
  • 19:33:36: @burning_phoneix but everytime I turn around, Muslims are either killing or threatening to kill someone. It's out of fucking hand!
  • 20:30:03: I can see why people didn't like playing for Avery Johnson. He sounds like Howdy Doodie on helium.
  • 20:51:03: @burning_phoneix So how do you get the word out about this? When some fucking nutjob in Somalia takes over a (cont) http://tl.gd/19irr3
  • 20:53:17: Is Tumblr becoming the new Livejournal under my nose?
  • 20:58:35: Watching the Cavs game, I think the problem isn't Lebron. They're killing him when he gets ths ball. His teammates need to hit their shots.
  • 20:59:33: His free throw shooting, on the other hand? Not so much their fault. He has to drop those.
  • 21:00:26: Please, someone explain to me how the hell Mo Williams ends up on Paul Pierce and they DON'T double him?
  • 21:03:13: Why is Big Z even in the game? Garnett even showed him the ball. "I am going to shoot!" "I can't move! :(" "OK! *SWISH*"
  • 21:46:18: @sportsguy33 You did it! You fucking did it! The Knicks chant is starting!
  • 21:51:07: @chadfordinsider Shaq was a failure. Jamison was the victim of matchup problems.
  • 21:52:34: OK, you talking head pieces of shit! You wanted Lebron to try to do eveything! He's trying! Look what it's doing! Who's fault is it now?
  • 21:54:00: I'm so sorry, Cleveland. Even I can't be happy about this. Danny Ferry and Mike Brown... good luck, guys. Hope you have a good agent.
  • 21:57:13: @dmataconis Because he doesn't give a crap. They're ratings. That's all he cares about: numbers. Ailes said it: it's a ratings war.
  • 21:58:20: @chadfordinsider I think it's stupid, foolish and lazy to pontificate about it before July 1st. It's May 13th. Let's not overreact yet.
  • 22:36:21: @chadfordinsider If he leaves, it's CHI. If it's anywhere else, he needs new agents.
  • 22:36:52: @JPosnanski Indicative of leadership. That's on everyone; Lebron, Mike Brown, etc.
  • 23:40:52: For my own college thesis, I... oh, wait. I didn't go to college. Maybe I'm the smart one.
  • 23:43:06: @DaleNorth Bentley. Or a Hummer.

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