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From Twitter 05-14-2010

  • 11:21:24: @Psymin1 Still boycotting Activision. Too little, too late.
  • 11:24:56: @Jim_Sterling That pretty much ruins E3. It compromises what E3 is. Especially for G4! Good thing I don't have to work to boycott them.
  • 12:01:00: RT @thestolenfork: RT @chunkhandler: If you're the type that says "thank god it's friday" I like to say "thank god I don't know you"
  • 12:01:38: @ValleyIndy No problems here.
  • 12:08:11: Dear Derby: If you're going to stifle the education budget, you cannot give 4% raises to town employees. http://bit.ly/ddOQgj
  • 12:09:15: Does anyone know/remember if 1) Derby's school sports are pay-to-play, or 2) if they cut sports this year or recently?
  • 12:18:15: @burning_phoneix That's cool, it's the "TGIF~" faggots I hate.
  • 12:20:12: @burning_phoneix Guys who come into the office and spend all day saying "Wow, it's Friday!", thinking they're witty.
  • 12:23:49: @twelveicings Hey! Created you a Steam account to use! Let me know when you're online, so I can give you your information!
  • 12:25:38: @burning_phoneix It's Cubicle Funny. That's when dry, boring, stupid people try to be witty with the same 20 year old lines. Every week.
  • 12:25:59: @burning_phoneix Think of what it'd be like to live in a Dilbert strip. That's what I hate.
  • 12:26:18: @burning_phoneix Or, just read what @hesster56 said, because he nailed it.
  • 12:29:10: Woah, Tropico 3 for $7.50 on Steam? Might have to go for that. Fenix, what say you?
  • 12:35:44: @burning_phoneix To them, "TGIF" is a joke. Because they're boring, and stupid. Now you see why I'm trying so hard to be self-sufficient.
  • 12:40:52: I swear to God I'm going to send this phone through a window. What part of "I'm working" does no one fucking get? I don't care about LeBron!
  • 12:47:08: @burning_phoneix Hey, what are you reviewing right now?
  • 12:57:04: @Psymin1 Windows only.
  • 13:08:00: @burning_phoneix Crap.
  • 13:10:10: @burning_phoneix I basically got stuck with enforcement duty while Alex is away. I'm going to need to assign someone East India Company.
  • 13:13:27: @burning_phoneix That's too late. The game's already been sitting around for eight days.
  • 14:07:59: I don't dislike Kagen on the SCOTUS because she might be gay. I dislike her because she's shown a disregard for 1st + 2nd Ammendments.
  • 15:55:19: (from @spbowley) What to know if you date a journalist: http://bit.ly/djxpU7
  • 16:49:15: RT @nickgillespie: Poet v. Prophet: When a cabbie defended the fatwa on Rushdie, Allen Ginsberg replied, "Then I shit on your religion!" ...
  • 16:49:28: RT @jamiedeloma: Lock your doors and bolt your windows! rt @mrscottericson Breaking news: A suspicious car is parked on every street ...
  • 16:51:06: @dmataconis Those are pretty strong things to argue against. And it's not like she was a freshman when she wrote what she did about the 2nd.
  • 16:57:04: Almost picked up Record of Agarest War for the 360 today, but I think I'm waiting on @DHGFMarkB's review first before I buy it.
  • 17:59:38: Mount & Blade is getting annoying. I KNOW I took out half the generals beseiging my castle about two days prior. Why are they back w/ 100s?
  • 20:28:35: Look at the bright side: if history holds true, Claude Julien will have a long career On Hockey Night in Canada.
  • 22:09:19: @twelveicings Sweet! BTW, just dropped you another goodie to get you started. <3
  • 22:18:15: Dear Falcom and XSEED: Please don't fuck this up. http://bit.ly/c06GPD
  • 23:03:09: Trying to play Oath in Felghana. I see NightWolve is just as much a lunatic as ever. Yes, I'm enjoying the patch, you psycho fuck.
  • 23:11:04: You know what the sad thing is? I would gladly donate to NightWolve. Absolutely. But he's so fucking bonkers, that it's not worth it.
  • 23:13:13: And before he asks, since I know he cares *so much*: I *own* every US released copy of Ys, and will own the PSP games when they're out.
  • 23:23:52: Shit, I even own TWO copies of Ark of Napthism! Even the PSP version! And that one sucks!

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May. 15th, 2010 01:07 pm (UTC)
E3 = Egregious Extremes of Engineering
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