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From Twitter 05-15-2010

  • 00:33:30: @thelostlolli But we wub you! :(
  • 00:50:16: I've been doing so much professional writing that I haven't let loose a good rant in awhile. It's cathartic!
  • 00:54:53: @burning_phoneix Shits and giggles! :D
  • 01:11:37: @burning_phoneix Bwuh? No, I let it very clearly be known when I'm disappointed in Islam (basically, 100% of the time). Xd
  • 01:15:18: @burning_phoneix Oh. Uh... whoops. XD
  • 02:50:15: @jlist That's funny, I mock some of my friends for their "new school" tastes (ie: anything after 1999).
  • 03:32:40: I'm listening to Neal Schon Radio (http://bit.ly/dzJLzi) #pandora
  • 04:12:20: FIFA '10 review: ten point style, over 7,300 words. World Cup '10 review: freeform, only 2,667 words. Freeform it is, from now on!
  • 13:42:29: @Psymin1 I do not. I don't like console FPS controls, and if anything, I still have the N64 cart.
  • 13:45:04: ANOTHER attack on one of the Muhammad cartoonists. I SHIT on your religion! http://bit.ly/bnaOmI
  • 13:46:31: @twelveicings I'm with you there. It's too much pressure on him.
  • 13:54:32: @Psymin1 Oath in Felghana is amazing. But I'm not sold on Books 1 + 2. If they make it so that you actually swing your sword, that's bad.
  • 13:58:54: Aileen always asks me if I would wear some fancy printed shirt. Here's why I almost always say no: http://bit.ly/cYrv7Y
  • 13:59:47: @dmataconis I had to explain to my mother what the skinny part of a rabbit vibrator was once. I'm not sure if that's the best rule.
  • 14:08:31: @revolver_ Tell them that if it's printed by a large corporation for mass consumption, it's not "clever". After that, they're hopeless! XD
  • 14:09:12: RT @dmataconis: Why is the #tcot response to Pat Buchanan's obvious antisemitism "he's not influential" instead of "he's an antisemitic ...
  • 14:11:17: @revolver_ I just figure I don't need to wear my credibility like a garish badge. The fact that I get PAID is credibility enough. :D
  • 14:13:59: @revolver_ I would just show people this page who think Hot Topic is a great, edgy place: http://bit.ly/bs9iJX
  • 14:32:31: @TheGoalieGuild I'm hearing a lot of "he crumbled under the pressure" crap. What do you think of that?
  • 14:40:47: @TheGoalieGuild Oh, I know it. I do think he learned a lot about managing playoff intensity. This will prove to be positive for him.
  • 14:42:08: @TheGoalieGuild I honestly grow weary of explaining to friends - players and non-players alike - about what these guys are doing. They...
  • 14:43:01: @TheGoalieGuild would rather hang behind press cliches like "he's not managing the pressure!" (you don't *know* pressure) and...
  • 14:43:50: @TheGoalieGuild "he has to make stops!" (No shit! And water's wet!) than listening to people who played at high levels like we have.
  • 14:46:18: @TheGoalieGuild I maintain that the Briere shot that went off Hunwick would have stayed out if he was on his feet. It would have hit stomach
  • 14:49:16: @TheGoalieGuild He has "trade bait" written all over him. They're not going to give Luongo less than 65 starts, so they'll sell high.
  • 14:49:33: @TheGoalieGuild Maybe he and Carey Price can exchange tips on real estate agents.
  • 15:08:59: Hey RIAA! I bought Erik Norlander's Music Factory specifically because of Pandora, now leave 'em alone and lay off the royalties!
  • 16:08:18: @twelveicings At least they're not Brandon? (Though I have to admit, I'm rooting for Moncton)
  • 16:09:37: @twelveicings Naturally, right as I say that... XD
  • 16:11:25: @TheGoalieGuild YOu should check out the Calgary vs. Moncton game on NHL Network. CLASSIC case of goalies playing too deep (Moncton's)
  • 16:35:12: @twelveicings This is a great fucking game! Too bad I have to miss it to ref shitty spring league hockey. :(
  • 16:37:20: @twelveicings FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
  • 23:56:39: @Samarecarm THAT, I'm down with! People trying to be witty usually fail in these cases.

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