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From Twitter 05-16-2010

  • 00:03:28: @BigSamTweets I have to admit: I've never been high on Legend of Heroes. :(
  • 00:03:38: @BigSamTweets Worth $60?
  • 00:03:58: @BigSamTweets Or, better question: do I go full monty? Or do I get the PSN downloadable version?
  • 00:04:55: @dmataconis Admiral Sestak... He was my battlegroup commander when I was on the Washington. Let's just say I believe the staff turnover #s.
  • 00:05:37: RT @jperlow: If this email exchange is real, than Steve Jobs has gone full blown Howard Hughes batshit crazy. http://tinyurl.com/2vfcmpt
  • 00:06:18: @twelveicings Meh. At least it's not the Blades. XD
  • 00:11:17: So there won't be a Triple Crown winner. I can go back to not caring about horse racing.
  • 00:21:28: @twelveicings Yeah, I just spent five hours reffing. Sorry I'm kinda behind. XD
  • 00:29:03: @twelveicings Three games, alone. :( BTW, did you get the email from Wolfire games?
  • 00:35:45: Marion Jones played three minutes in a WNBA game, but got first mention on Sportscenter. Not sure if that says more about the WNBA of ESPN
  • 00:39:57: @ronnie1410519 "Joseph" needs to just ask you on a date or something.
  • 00:46:00: @twelveicings Glad you like it! Just know you can use them whereever and whenever you want, and it's a nice gift for your coming Macbook. <3
  • 00:50:31: @wikileaks That's strange... on your first link, I was able to view both videos.
  • 01:00:46: While I might not be where I want to be - that's the NHL - I admit, after three solo games, I felt pretty good today.
  • 09:55:03: @dmataconis Absolutely not.
  • 09:57:04: @dekunda You leave my fire starters out of this! >:[
  • 15:58:45: RT @dmataconis: Wayne Allyn Root Is Poison For The Libertarian Party http://bit.ly/cTqkhp
  • 16:01:42: @Jim_Sterling hasn't Dio technically been dead since te 60s? Has anyone seen him out in the daytime?
  • 18:07:51: @dmataconis Performed with Rainbow and Black Sabbath, among others. But you're a Sinatra fan, and they're polar opposites.
  • 18:09:16: @dmataconis I'm going to get you into prog rock yet. XD
  • 18:50:48: Give me 67 Ronnie James Dio years. I'll be happy.
  • 19:23:38: Erik Norlander is fucking amazing. Wow. This is what I look for in prog rock.
  • 19:27:40: RT @twelveicings: I cannot watch this game anymore. :c (Agreed. Please don't let Philly make the Finals. For the love of God)
  • 19:29:25: @TheGoalieGuild This might be rhetorical, but am I the only person not at all surprised at Leighton's success? I remember him in Norfolk.
  • 19:32:56: @jamiedeloma Remember the days when "she posted topless!" was a huge deal?
  • 19:40:21: @TheGoalieGuild You nailed it. I've always been surprised that teams have slept on Leighton. Now, he's saving the 'tender-deficient Flyers.
  • 19:43:54: @twelveicings Philly vs. Chicago will set the NHL back to the 70s. :( If they go, I hope San Jose sweeps them.
  • 19:54:34: You know what? I don't feel like playing "work" games like East India Company tonight. I'm settling in with Persona 4. And maybe ROTK XI
  • 19:55:22: (That does not mean I dislike East India Company. Considering it's a Paradox game, that's already a check in its favour)
  • 20:08:33: @revolver_ I told everyone that would believe me that this bill was the worst of both worlds. Now, people are reading it enough to see.
  • 20:16:54: @revolver_ Some interesting facts: the full Health Care Bill was put forth to the public only days before the Senate vote. That bill...
  • 20:18:07: @revolver_ was, by a Microsoft Word estimate, over 384,000 words. By comparison, War and Peace is over 510,000, but when this one-day...
  • 20:18:56: @revolver_ old (at the time) bill is almost as long as War And Fucking Peace, you have a major problem. Consider the fact that most of...
  • 20:19:14: @revolver_ that is buried in legalese, as you noted, you have a recipe for disaster because we're still finding shit six months later.
  • 20:24:10: @revolver_ That's intentional. And we have to rely on the mainstream media to decipher it... right. Fox News is going to be fair about this!
  • 20:47:13: @TheGoalieGuild Wow! Steve Passmore! Who's next, Dominic Roussel? XD
  • 21:06:40: @ErikaS981 Dude.

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