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From Twitter 05-17-2010

  • 14:42:56: @BigSamTweets Dio and Deep Purple... wow. Doesn't get more awesome than that.
  • 14:50:58: @dmataconis Is it sad that everytime I see the Rush tag, I first think of the rock band?
  • 15:39:10: RT @dmataconis: I consider this a national security priority RT: @MelissaTweets: More Muslims In Bikinis Please: http://bit.ly/dejKRa # ...
  • 15:43:49: Deb Schlussel, you better start naming names. Fast. http://bit.ly/at197A
  • 15:45:26: And who the fuck is Michelle Malkin - herself a beneficiary of being an attractive female in a man's world - to criticize anyone?
  • 16:02:14: @BigSamTweets Here's a question about Agarest War: Any word on whether the 360 will get the PS3's DLC? For free?
  • 17:53:48: I have an idea: if your 9 or 10 year old is still putting toys in their mouths, maybe it's natural selection? http://bit.ly/bmEESS
  • 18:36:23: @shizuoya I just can't believe the recall worked. I would advertise it! "Our toys kept two stupid kids from becoming dumber adults!"
  • 19:41:30: @TheRealBell You gotta get rid of that Bachmann chick first.
  • 19:45:47: I hate to say this... but I think the Spitfires are unbeatable. Sorry, @twelveicings. #memorialcup
  • 20:32:46: Fucking Hitmen are doing it again! #memorialcup
  • 21:02:04: Protip: If you're going to turn the puck over, as the last guy back, don't give it to Taylor Hall. #memorialcup
  • 21:07:57: Stop embarrassing my state, Connecticut politicians! Just fucking stop it! Between Dodd and Blumenthal, this is sick!

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