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Do you think the government should have the right to censor the media? If you're generally against censorship, are there any circumstances under which you feel it might be warranted?
Let me say this one more time, so we're clear:

There is never a place or time when censorship is the proper answer. Ever.

All censorship does is keep thoughts from coming out. It attempts to mandate a line of thought and action, but ultimately fails on both accounts. Uncensored words are like a sick man throwing up; he gets it out of his system, and feels better afterwards. If you prevent him from throwing up, he just gets sicker. That's what you do when you censor someone; it builds up in that person, until it explodes.

There are two extremes: one is totally free speech, and the other is censoring *everything. The latter leads to Nineteen Eighty-Four's idea of thoughtcrime, facecrime, etc., whereas the former offends weak people. I will take the former over the latter any day, and twice on Sunday.


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May. 18th, 2010 10:15 pm (UTC)
This. If someone wants to say "We don't talk like that in my house/journal/community/forum!" or whatever... then fine. I at least have the options of either deferring to that person or leaving. But if it's the government? This whole "Well, move to another country if you don't like it!" thing is nothing short of ridiculous. For one, it's not that easy. For two, that's one of the main clauses in the document that is the basis for our government.

I like the analogy you've got there. I've been trying to express that sentiment for some time, but it's never come out quite right.
May. 19th, 2010 01:41 am (UTC)
I do not believe in censorship, as you know. However, I would not be averse to the government turning a blind eye to, say, a private citizen bombing News Corporation. ... Deleted and reposted to add: This is meant facetiously. Mostly.
May. 19th, 2010 03:00 am (UTC)
That is different. Bombing News Corporation isn't free speech. It's a terrorist act that kills people.

Speech doesn't kill.
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