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From Twitter 05-18-2010

  • 00:40:15: @Psymin1 What the fuck? He can't wrestle because of insurance reasons!
  • 00:44:28: This NY Times piece shows more than Blumenthal's dishonesty: it shows TERRIBLE fact checking by local papers. http://nyti.ms/bdV2XG
  • 02:50:10: Lost in the Taylor Hall hullabaloo: Cam Fowler. Hard to imagine someone #5 in Central Scouting might be underrated.
  • 11:14:53: RT @GIBiz: Ubisoft suffers 18% drop in sales http://bit.ly/9NzWZx (But their DRM isn't the problem. Nope. - Bus)
  • 11:25:17: Mariano Riviera blows a save, it's no big deal. Jonathan Papelbon blows a save, it's Armageddon. #fansaredumb
  • 11:28:17: @TerryTek That's a lot of damn slips.
  • 14:48:15: @Jim_Sterling Is changing the child's school an option?
  • 18:18:03: @TheGoalieGuild I disagree. They're paying a lot AND overplaying them. Luongo shows he's the NHL's best if he's not exhausted.
  • 18:24:00: I have to admit: I think I really like Last Rebellion. It's going back, but I think I will eventually buy it.
  • 19:55:24: This Boston vs. Orlando game is sloppier than a thirty year veteran of the prositution business. Are the Magic quitting on Van Gundy?
  • 21:14:07: @raywashere Maybe he's really hurt?
  • 21:20:11: @raywashere Sadly, I'm splitting my time between working on an article and watching the Sharks.
  • 21:20:26: RT @libertypapers: To everyone celebrating election results, I have one thing to say: We're still gonna be fucked by Washington. Have a ...
  • 21:23:06: @raywashere Isn't this like game 11 so far this year? Of course it isn't!
  • 21:23:49: That loud sound eminating from Washington was the sound of the old-guard GOP collectively shitting its pants. #randpaul
  • 21:31:45: Three demos to play, an article to write, and personal strife, all in one night. This will be fun.
  • 22:19:12: @Jim_Sterling Buying games for fun? What's that like? I forgot what that was!
  • 22:36:43: RT @jephjacques: Aw, Isis is breaking up :( http://bit.ly/dwR3i2 (via @m00tzman) (Sorry, @TheGoalieGuild)
  • 22:47:43: @WhitlockJason Are you 13? "Van Dumby"?

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