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Ladies and Gentlemen, I Bring You...


So I decided to try a place that does Japanese and Chinese food, and also delivered. Chinese is boring, so I went with Japanese. Because I figured the soups weren't that big, I ordered a soup, to go with my main course which also came with a miso soup.

My chicken katsu came with rice and a salad. Gave the salad to Mom. Then I got a gander of just what is involved in a Tempura Udon. That's the concoction in the HUGE mixing bowl you see.

Needless to say, I did not completely finish my dinner. XD

It should also be noted that my mother was ready to try the tempura prawn before knowing it went into the soup. She thought it was shrimp, then went "Oooh, that's how you ruin a good shrimp, by throwing it in soup!" She was wrong. Then again, her tastes are so Americanized, she might as well be eating a bald eagle slathered in mayonnaise. XD


May. 20th, 2010 02:14 pm (UTC)
Oh man, that bowl you have your miso soup in? I totally had a set of bowls like that as a kid. /NOSTALGIA or something

But man, that is a ton of food. The udon looks just fantastic. I spy quite a bit of tasty stuff in there! And yeah, there's a lot. Generally, udon is meant to be a meal unto itself... XD