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From Twitter 05-19-2010

  • 00:58:55: And Ubisoft wonders why they struggled in their latest earnings report. http://bit.ly/cCzDW3
  • 01:15:13: @jlist NJPW! Where I learned to love wrestling!
  • 02:38:48: @thelostlolli I have one! "There once was a man from Nantuck--" Shit. Wrong storybook...
  • 03:14:20: Fucking hell, Sony! You patched MLB '10 The Show, and ADDED issues! Two NEW bugs, so far, including one that has runs scoring on third outs!
  • 06:15:37: @dekunda Long answer: yes.
  • 16:43:06: @nathanwrann I figured you morons would come out in force now.
  • 17:13:24: Jesus Christ, everyone I talk to or read today is a FUCKING MORON. Jesus, people are stupid. #getoffmylawn
  • 17:20:11: @WhitlockJason I thought columnists were supposed to "shat" on athletes? (though that's a different story)
  • 17:53:46: RT @jephjacques: No-talent art thief Todd Goldman rips off @JessFink yet again! http://tinyurl.com/2f9jcc3 (via @granulac)
  • 17:56:18: Valve can't seem to figure out what the hell to do about the Pyro.
  • 18:01:52: @WhitlockJason Oh, get off it already! The Reilly hate is *boring*. You're like a kid throwing rocks from across a stream.
  • 18:23:03: RT @Aitherion: @superbus I wish I could play this game (Team Fortress 2) so I could be as irritated about it as all my friends.
  • 18:24:47: @JPosnanski So why is he still in AAA? To work on his stretch, or because they don't want him to be a Super 2?
  • 18:42:30: I'm in physical pain, and in a bad mood. Lovely day to just sit on my arse and play games.
  • 19:31:12: Spoiling myself for dinner: having Chicken Tatsu + Tempura Udon delivered. The future is now.
  • 19:56:51: You would think someone with three pitches would be easy to face. I hate facing Sabathia. #mlb10theshow
  • 19:58:45: RT @TerryTek: Derby CT stabbing, near 62 Hawkins street. and cottage. Scanner call for all available units
  • 20:10:47: @JPosnanski This this could be his final test?
  • 20:13:10: @KeithOlbermann Oh for Christ's sake, is that the best you have?
  • 20:19:34: With three power hitting lefties in my lineup, I wish to thank Yankee Stadium for existing. #mlb10theshow
  • 20:27:44: RT @TerryTek: Derby CT. Police now calling for "Lighting for the crime scene" for Hawkins at Cottage. Doesn't sound good.... #scannercall
  • 20:53:32: @ErikaS981 Take heart: in three years, he'll probably end up marrying Lindsey Lohan.
  • 21:12:59: Dear morons: "“I don’t like the idea of telling private owners [what to do]." is NOT "I hate negroes and civil rights". #randpaul
  • 21:15:03: @twelveicings Hmph. Sounds like he's being coerced. "You know, if you WANT to go, you can! If not, your locker is now filled with FIREANTS"
  • 21:15:51: @twelveicings I wonder if the GM will do something about the coa-- oh. Wait. :(
  • 21:21:44: Now THIS is a fucking meal! Think I mistakenly ordered too much, though... XD http://tweetphoto.com/23147913
  • 21:36:06: @dmataconis You lost me at "new Hawaii Five-O"
  • 21:47:57: @DanaTaggart Tempura Udon. Not exciting, but fucking awesome.
  • 21:53:23: @DanaTaggart Udon noodles (big, fat, slurping noodles) with tempura prawn + veggies in a flavoured broth. http://bit.ly/9JaIIS
  • 22:02:40: @DanaTaggart I love that he thinks that's a good thing!
  • 22:34:55: Don't worry, Jennifer Allen. I TOTALLY feel your pain, after my Mount & Blade review experience. http://bit.ly/cjk0lx
  • 22:54:51: @DanaTaggart Oh GOD. You're in trouble!
  • 23:03:09: Don't you fucking idiots realize that freedom really is a two-way street?
  • 23:22:26: @twelveicings Is that a Toy Story convention?
  • 23:27:05: @twelveicings Are you serious!? If those are the winners of a contest, who the hell were the losers!?

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