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From Twitter 05-20-2010

  • 00:09:29: @Psymin1 If we weren't so low on content...
  • 00:33:30: @twelveicings THey look like something I'd see in a modern JRPG. In a random battle.
  • 00:37:35: Looks like I finally hit 300 followers. Will I stay there? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!
  • 00:38:26: @Psymin1 Don't recommend Nier based on that review. I had to pull it to get the scores back to normal.
  • 00:43:19: @twelveicings I literally just fought something that looks like that in Last Rebellion. In the first level. XD
  • 03:01:54: So Floyd Landis goes from "I SWEAR I didn't do it" to "I did it, and so did LANCE~"? Just die, Floyd. Seriously. Go die. You're a bad person
  • 03:23:58: @libertyideals Does this moron have anything more to offer us than rhetoric?
  • 15:07:51: @burning_phoneix They seem to have *reversed* a lot of their original pyro updates.
  • 15:12:51: I don't understand how Libertarians can not fill out their census forms, then hop on Foursquare. One or the other, guys!
  • 15:24:48: @ThePTC You guys DO realize that sheltering children is a bad thing, right?
  • 15:32:52: @ryanaraine Isn't the problem that she did go to her room?
  • 15:34:06: @JVB "No reason to try and make a video-gamey version of it" - THANK GOD.
  • 15:34:48: @WhitlockJason Was Herm responsible for that? Did he have a clue?
  • 15:35:10: @DaleNorth That tells me that games in 2010 are really freaking easy. #getoffmylawn
  • 16:06:54: @burning_phoneix Oh, fucking joy. Sniping just got a whole lot more fun.
  • 16:29:04: RT @TerryTek: Motorcycle crash Route 8 North by exit 19 #scannercall
  • 16:39:58: I'm kinda glad that people are thinking of Memorial Day early this year. But really, shouldn't you all be thinking of the dead every day?
  • 16:54:17: I love Common's work... but not enough to go spend money on that whack-ass movie of his. Sorry.
  • 16:55:30: @dmataconis Paul and Sestak on MTP? Uh oh. This is going to be a big debate on the Civil Rights crap, and nothing more.
  • 17:30:10: @maddow You realize he's right, correct? You can't just go "you can do this, BUT YOU CAN'T DO THAT". It's not as evil as you think.
  • 17:31:34: @twelveicings http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_Wright - The commercials are even bad.
  • 17:34:59: Here we go! The MSNBC talking heads are going to turn Rand Paul into their pinata! I guess when you have nothing else to go on...
  • 19:26:03: Oh, what the fuck... http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/story/?id=322166
  • 19:27:23: @libertyideals Nice job linking a year and a half old article.
  • 19:29:12: Wait a minute... FENIX! You already reviewed East India Company! You're doing the collection! You can handle a few expansions.
  • 20:38:16: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Gold!!! RT @icinteractive: In traffic, you must be aggressive in the pursuit of vision. Don't be accepting nor passi ...
  • 21:05:29: I'm not quite sure what I pulled in my back, but whatever it is, it fucking hurts. Badly.
  • 21:06:18: Interesting. I notice Prima's selling e-guides now on Steam.
  • 23:17:05: RT @DanaTaggart: Kudos to Rand Paul. Not everyone can stomach what it means to be a libertarian. It's philosophically, but not always s ...

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