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From Twitter 05-22-2010

  • 01:18:18: Playing NHL '10 on Superstar shows what kind of player I really am: great at every aspect of the game except scoring.
  • 01:21:25: Playing NHL '10 on Superstar also shows what the computer is good at: getting away with interference.
  • 01:45:55: @twelveicings Yeah, me doing those wasn't exactly my best moment. :(
  • 01:47:06: @Beazus I'm dissapointed. He had a chance to drive home his point on Libertarian policy, and he evaded the question. It sounds to me like...
  • 01:47:37: @Beazus a PR guy got ahold of him and started calling shots (like pulling him from MTP). Sadly, that's in his best interests politically.
  • 01:48:35: @Beazus What disappoints me is that this just shows me that Americans will never support Libertarian policy at its core. Too knee-jerk.
  • 01:51:11: @twelveicings I had one friend tag me and a bunch of people. Then they had a 150 (!) comment thread back and forth, just a conversation.
  • 01:51:39: @twelveicings What pissed me off was that I untagged myself, and she put me *back*. I had to change my email preferences.
  • 01:54:20: @twelveicings This was awhile ago, so that might be the case. But I think we hate Facebook because we hate stupid people. XD
  • 02:05:34: @Beazus Though Rand made one point: MLK was fighting Jim Crow *laws*. The issue for me isn't getting those out. It's getting new ones in.
  • 02:05:51: @Beazus I'm writing something right now that puts my thoughts in a better context.
  • 02:31:17: #sbnet Defining A Hit: It seems that ever since Wayne Gretzky retired, anytime hockey’s been in the news, it’s nev... http://bit.ly/98wasN
  • 03:01:34: What the hell? Why is Twitterfeed updating with articles I wrote back in November? This could be ugly for a day or so...
  • 03:01:57: Andrew Wilson is forgetting one thing: the services EA, Ubisoft and THQ are charging for are actively provided by them. http://bit.ly/cIPIdl
  • 03:18:14: Here's the thing: people vote with their wallets. Gamers are dumb. They scream, and ultimately vote to continue to get screwed.
  • 03:19:03: If you don't like anything a game or company is doing, don't buy the game. Seriously! It won't hurt! Stop screaming, and then buying it.
  • 03:19:33: The company doesn't care. You can scream all you want. Activision is laughing all the way to the bank at you. But enjoy those four $15 maps.
  • 04:50:09: How has it been that I haven't tried All Star + Hardcore settings on NHL '10!? This is a different game altogether! A lot more "real" goals!
  • 06:00:58: Jesus Christ, I turn 30 in less than 24 hours.
  • 08:59:54: "And what have we learned this weekend, Chris?" "Don't eat chicken parmesean that's been in the fridge for almost a week!"
  • 09:27:49: @Psymin1 And you're not tweeting this from inside a cell? Nice control.
  • 12:15:54: A THREE front war!? Fuck you, Mount & Blade.
  • 16:27:20: @burning_phoneix To be fair, that's like M&B's demo that lets you go to Lv. 8
  • 17:14:53: @keithlaw How do you make LED lights "HD"?
  • 17:28:24: @keithlaw I don't know if I should be embarrassed or thankful.
  • 17:47:34: After seeing it a few (hundred) times, I have to admit it... this is the best football ad ever. Even over Cantona. http://bit.ly/9wjBAT
  • 18:09:08: RT @bynkii: how to really ensure your son never watches porn: http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=1882
  • 18:58:29: @burning_phoneix I think it was!
  • 19:32:10: @jephjacques How's the keyboard?
  • 20:21:27: There's a motherfucking no hitter happening with a LOCAL TEAM, and I can't watch it because of Fox's exclusive MLB deal?
  • 20:22:11: You mean to tell me Fox and MLB can't say "you guys getting Yankees vs. Mets, you can get the Sox game on NESN"? That's too hard? Fuck you.
  • 20:23:48: @dmataconis Dice-K, of all people.
  • 20:27:45: @dmataconis End 6.
  • 20:29:00: So many hateful things to say about the old-lady-tit soft Orlando Magic. So few characters.
  • 20:32:53: Sounds like Dice-K made a great play! Golly, I wish I could watch it! #screwyoufox #screwyoutoobud.
  • 20:42:25: RT @dmataconis: Dice-K No-Hitter through 8 in Philadelphia. (Again: WE CANNOT WATCH. At all. On MLB.tv, either. For GOD'S SAKE)
  • 20:48:03: RT @sportsguy33: Dear MLB: thx for blacking out Saturday games so I can't see possible no-hitters. You continue to be the Sheriff of Suc ...
  • 20:51:30: Dice-K's no-hitter was broken up by a flair into LF. At least, that's what I heard. Because I COULDN'T FUCKING WATCH!
  • 20:57:20: I've favourited a YouTube video -- NIKE WRITE THE FUTURE - FULL LENGTH VERSION http://youtu.be/idLG6jh23yE?a

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