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From Twitter 05-24-2010

  • 02:10:20: Hey LeBron! I'm just letting you know, I have faith that Don Walsh wouldn't fire HIS coach at 11:59, with a 12:00 deadline looming!
  • 02:58:01: I've got Gerry Rafferty in my head. HALP! :(
  • 02:59:35: OK, Bethesda. You've announced the next Elder Scrolls game. I want to buy it. DO NOT fuck this up with obtrusive DRM.
  • 08:12:30: @dmataconis Not surprising. All the scuttlebutt I hear is that he was an good AG, and not even wrestling fans really care for Linda McMahon.
  • 08:12:59: @dmataconis It should also be noted that the other scuttlebutt I hear is "Peter who?" Schiff is a non-entity because our local papers suck.
  • 19:21:35: If Dan Gilbert had a brain, Danny Ferry would be on the unemployment line with Mike Brown. "Mo Williams can absolutely be a #2!"
  • 19:46:35: Though most fans are stupid and only care about "their" team, trust me: this is a Big Fuckin' Deal. http://bit.ly/9npCpz
  • 20:08:21: I wonder... does the 9-0 SCOTUS decision in the NFL vs. American Needle case affect EA's exclusivity?
  • 20:17:44: @SamitSarkar Hey, question: have you heard whether today's NFL vs. American Needle ruling has an potential effect on the EA/NFL contract?
  • 20:37:19: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Never in a MILLION LIGHT YEARS would I have expected ANTTI NIEMI and MICHAEL LEIGHTON to be the two goalies starting ...
  • 20:37:48: @SPBowley Holy shit! I don't know if it's appropriate, but I'm not complaining!
  • 20:41:13: It's official: due to Mike Richards touching the Wales Trophy, the Chicago Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup.
  • 20:52:20: @twelveicings I'm sure that will make Montreal's riot police feel better tonight. XD
  • 21:03:34: Did Paul Pierce just throw Rajon Rondo under the bus?
  • 21:40:55: RT @sportsguy33: At what point in this game do the 11 other Magic players have trouble making eye contact with Vince Carter? Are we there?
  • 21:42:31: @connpost They should take a lesson from Shelton. They had to reopen Sunnyside School after closing it awhile ago.
  • 21:45:43: Shut the fuck up Rasheed Shut the fuck up Rasheed Shut the fuck up Rasheed Shut the fuck up Rasheed Shut the fuck up Rasheed
  • 21:54:56: @SPBowley The game's merits are understood. But I think Americans can't get over low scoring. They like lots of squigly numbers.
  • 21:56:18: It's official: Vince Carter is a coward.
  • 22:24:26: @SPBowley A blue line and a hockey like offsides rule would be AWFUL. It would mandate a park-the-bus strategy. Too many people on the pitch
  • 22:25:28: @SPBowley At least now, with runs timed properly, you can break the defence. A blue line would slow football down even more.
  • 22:35:24: @jdeloma What did Linda offer for him to do that?
  • 22:43:13: @jdeloma *rolls eyes* Oh, how I hate her... and where the hell is Peter Schiff!?
  • 23:47:14: @Jim_Sterling Shouldn't that one be Samit just based on its genre?
  • 23:58:32: @DHGFPsymin Brad Stuart's shitty game 7 was enough to override Crosby touching the trophy.

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