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From Twitter 05-27-2010

  • 00:39:39: Let me remind everyone talking about Facebook privacy that IT guys like myself have been bitching about FB privacy for *years*.
  • 00:39:57: The BBC and Yahoo News pick it up, and all of a sudden everyone's a fucking privacy expert.
  • 00:41:17: @ValleyIndy So our home town is just as stupid as everyone else's?
  • 00:42:17: @dmataconis Those errors made the ghost of Billy Martin order another drink.
  • 00:44:24: @jamiedeloma Maybe he's one of the horses?
  • 00:45:45: @TheGoalieGuild Maybe you need some of that Mental Training™! Focus!
  • 00:47:49: Derby's mill rate went up 1 mill, and our school budget is pathetic. But hey, as long as it doesn't affect football, our idiots don't care.
  • 00:48:19: Let me state this, for the record: yes, I would pay more to better fund Derby's BOE. Didn't we just BUILD a fuckin' Middle School?
  • 00:48:39: And no, I don't have kids. Won't have kids for awhile. I'd still pay. What's up with the rest of you morons?
  • 00:50:44: Holy shit! James Cochran's finally leaving Citizen's! This is an amazing dude. http://bit.ly/bfyP0s
  • 03:02:09: @burning_phoneix Dude! Your review of EIC was blank!
  • 03:14:18: @burning_phoneix Oh, OK. No problem.
  • 06:00:58: @dekunda It's all fun and games until Yahtzee doesn't like a game *you* like. "He's great! I love his work! Wait, that's my game! FANRAGE!"
  • 06:59:15: Sorry, Libertarians: Richard Blumenthal will win the CT Senate race. Other than his Vietnam quips, he's (so far) clean. Not happening.
  • 06:59:35: (Meanwhile, Linda McMahon built her fortune on the corpses of her dead wrestlers. But that's another story altogether)
  • 07:04:32: J.D. Hayworth is such a buffoon, he makes John McCain look like a desirable candidate.
  • 07:16:24: @dmataconis Wait, he still has a show!?
  • 07:19:26: @dmataconis I can think of at least three cases where any honest man would resign if they did what Cramer did.
  • 07:19:51: @cehwiedel I don't think it's comparable. Franken's a moron, but at least he fact checks.
  • 08:02:38: @BigSamTweets Around here, however, these people have contracts. To vote agianst our local budgets cuts off our noses to spite our faces.
  • 08:02:59: @BigSamTweets What we SHOULD be doing is making sure the town doesn't renew, or eliminates contracts when the time is up.
  • 08:04:52: @dmataconis Wait a minute. Didn't McCain once support repealing DADT?
  • 08:05:48: @KeithOlbermann Your joke was getting the wrong game? I'm confused.
  • 08:09:58: I have to write a weekly column (CUE CRANKY!BUS), edit, write two reviews, and still do errands. And it's raining. Fuck thursday.
  • 08:11:32: For all the things I hate about police of all walks of life, I can't fathom what's wrong with this situation: http://bit.ly/axGVD2
  • 08:13:05: @cehwiedel They're dragging McCain out feet-first. And if he loses, I would bet he takes a page from his friend Liebermann and goes indie.
  • 08:14:57: MAYBE, if I have time this weekend, I'll get a chance to write a piece for SBNet on DADT. For people who know me, it's not what you think.
  • 08:18:07: Am I wrong for actually liking Rachel Maddow?
  • 08:37:45: RT @hesster56: Taking all bets on how soon "Too big to jail" comes out of the BP disaster. #boycottBP
  • 08:39:26: @dmataconis Am I the only person thinking that maybe Sarah has a point on this? I can't stand her either, but this looks *bad*
  • 08:50:09: I favorited a YouTube video -- The Price is Right losing horn http://youtu.be/1ytCEuuW2_A?a
  • 09:22:29: Fun story: the one browser I have that doesn't render Youtube videos properly? Chrome.
  • 09:31:01: Fishing for opinions: I took over our Xbox wrap-up temporarily. Good? Y/N? http://bit.ly/aFDcvY
  • 09:36:56: @twelveicings YouTube videos that Google owns! Xd
  • 09:43:59: Trying out Twitter for the 360. Can someone tell me how this is preferable to a PC or laptop? Who uses this?
  • 09:44:28: Oh, wait! I can tweet with my avatar in the upper right corner! How awesome! #justshootme
  • 09:46:36: I love Oolong tea. I hope to make it (w/ honey) a Pepsi replacement. I need my caffeine somehow.
  • 10:12:37: @thelostlolli How much caffeine does Oolong have?
  • 10:16:05: (via @the_pc_doc): All it takes to get into an iPhone... is Lucid Lynx? http://bit.ly/cyUbjd
  • 10:43:13: Here's your plan, Dewayne: take a small discount, go to New York, run the fucking city, and give me a basketball boner. http://bit.ly/dyjDl8
  • 10:44:33: @ThePajamaPundit @dmataconis Glenn Beck isn't dangerous. The people that can't see Glenn for what he is, they're dangerous.
  • 10:49:26: @ThePajamaPundit @dmataconis But how is that his fault? That's like outlawing guns because of crazy people.
  • 10:50:11: RT @SocialMedia411: BP wants Twitter to shut down fake acct mocking the co. Twitter wants BP to shut down oil leak that’s ruining the ocean.
  • 10:55:39: First, they added the CHL. Now, EA Sports is going to add the NCAA to their hockey lineup? It's CHRISTMAS IN MAY.
  • 20:53:23: @shizuoya You too? It even says "go back 20". It goes back 10.

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