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From Twitter 05-28-2010

  • 05:12:50: @Aitherion A lot of us are pretty old school. As in, we never had to pay for games after we bought them.
  • 05:58:16: Frustration: spending a Friday doing a preview for your game, and then being ignored for the review. Someone got some 'splainin' to do.
  • 06:05:18: The Android's freedom is awesome. It's also a double-edged sword: http://bit.ly/97iuzu
  • 06:18:43: @dmataconis And this is why bloggers will never be accorded protections under freedom of press.
  • 06:24:24: The fact that this is an actual "affiliate" site with us makes me wnat to puke. I thought we had standards? http://bit.ly/cYkLQG
  • 08:08:16: RT @libertypapers: The Conscience Of A Phony Libertarian: Wayne Allyn Root And The Decline Of The Libertarian Party: If the only book... ...
  • 09:33:43: @dmataconis The same Hillary that just said "I don't think the rich are paying enough"?
  • 09:34:20: Goddamnit, Rand! (via @dmataconis) http://bit.ly/cnSnn6
  • 11:26:12: Thank you, Ragen in Philadelphia, for explaining why Sabrmetrics sucks in a way I couldn't.
  • 11:29:43: @Jim_Sterling Not to mention the fact that you singlehandedly sold more copies of Deadly Premonition than that company's marketing staff.
  • 13:49:49: Buried on page A8 of the local paper: "Senate OKs war funding bill; jobless benefits must wait". We've officially become Orwell's nightmare.
  • 13:52:07: Teacher layoffs? Fuck em, they're union! Jobless benefits? Get them to work at Wal-Mart! Fund two illegal wars? A-OK! America! Fuck Yeah!
  • 13:54:20: You'll have to forgive me if I don't give a flying fuck about Gary Coleman. He led a meaningless, vapid life. We have other priorities.
  • 14:20:43: @Aitherion it's not the sub fees that necessarily bothers me. It's the fee *on top* of a $40-$50 initial purchase.
  • 14:22:37: @Aitherion that, and I like to mod my games. Can't do that much anymore. Sony's TOS makes it a DMCA violation!
  • 15:14:25: @Aitherion And my point is that the younger guys - the ones that flame me for my thoughts - don't know how badly they're getting fucked.
  • 15:17:05: @libertypapers They'd be fucked now if we could get younger people to the God damned polls.
  • 15:41:13: @dmataconis Then again, I think Chelsea will end up being our 47th President, so it'll work out for her.
  • 15:49:25: QUICK! GAMERS! Do I grab the Trauma Team $30 Amazon special, or Record of Agarest War ($60, but price will not go down, maybe will go up)
  • 15:49:55: @Psymin1 I had a game earlier that frustrated me so much I started taking dumb penalties. In a VIDEO GAME. Like, slashing other players.
  • 15:57:27: @Psymin1 Wooooow, they don't even have it on their site. That's sad. :(
  • 16:05:16: @KeithOlbermann I see nothing wrong. I find it proper atonement for a stupid, idiotic comment.
  • 17:41:55: @TheRealBell I don't see anything back-handed about it. He said what he was discussing. Everyone's looking for reasons to hate.
  • 17:42:52: @Jim_Sterling I'm catching flak just because I gave a demo impression saying "if you have blue shells, YOU WILL FUCKING HATE THIS"
  • 17:43:05: @Jim_Sterling The lesson: I love my fans, but Holy Shit are they stupid.
  • 17:44:08: @Jim_Sterling To be fair, most people don't expect robot felching when they follow a videogame columnist. :P

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