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From Twitter 05-29-2010

  • 05:24:43: Let me remind everyone: Kentucky hired John Calipari last year. Here's strike 1: http://bit.ly/cweRt4
  • 05:25:35: I'm also interested to see if the Jim Calhoun is as much of a cowardly bully as I think he is. I want to see if he coaches through sanctions
  • 05:32:38: @burning_phoneix I see $50USD here. Of course, everything I'm hearing says it sucks a meat missile.
  • 05:48:56: @burning_phoneix A lot of things get different reviews according to Metacritic. Early reviews are always high because of embargoes.
  • 07:55:33: RT @Jim_Sterling: Some of these other Alpha Protocol reviews read like they gave it a high score first, then had to make excuses for all ...
  • 07:55:46: @Jim_Sterling Was there an embargo on that one?
  • 12:49:16: You guys can celebrate Gary Coleman (loser) and Dennis Hopper (abusive prick). I'll continue to miss Jose Lima, thanks.
  • 17:36:17: @BigSamTweets I don't think there's any curse involved. They hired someone who's had his two trips to the Final Four vacated due to cheating
  • 18:20:31: For anyone wondering: I ended up picking rarity, and went with Agarest War. That, and my Wii is literally a dust ball at this point.
  • 22:42:32: @motherpucker It hurts the Cup final when it comes to people I'd rather not watch the sport anyway. Yes, I'm elitist.
  • 22:48:19: So while I reffed two hockey games with a combined 55 goals - these are real games, not videogames - let's see what I missed in sports...
  • 22:48:49: Oh! Only the Lakers winning, Chicago and Philly combining for 11 goals in a SCF game, and ohbytheway, a perfect game. That's it, huh?
  • 22:49:42: @dmataconis That FUCKING WHORE. I would slap her for using us to pander to her idiot fans. Shit, I'd do it in uniform if it still fit.
  • 22:50:35: @SarahPalinUSA Mrs. Palin, you do not have the right to use us to pander to your crowd. You do not respect us, do not put up a facade.
  • 22:51:29: @dmataconis Better idea: think of them any other weekend of the year, and not just when the calender says so.
  • 22:52:55: RT @dpleasant: Whacked as it is, Sarah Palin plagiarized that bit of bullshit. http://bit.ly/auOgjW
  • 22:57:10: @KeithOlbermann Sarah Palin is a conservative? I don't know a "conservative" that has half of her positions. She's a neo-con. If that.
  • 23:01:23: @twelveicings Just know that in 130+ years, we've had 20.

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