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From Twitter 05-30-2010

  • 00:14:56: @Samarecarm That's awesome, actually. XD
  • 00:15:52: @dmataconis He says that to pander to his base. I don't take it seriously at all.
  • 00:16:41: @TheGoalieGuild Do you think he gets the start, or do they blow their proverbial load and put in Boucher?
  • 00:17:12: @twelveicings Whowhawho?
  • 00:21:02: @TheGoalieGuild What's funny is that both goalies played poorly, really. Chicago just won.
  • 00:21:28: RT @ErikaS981: Ha! I'm tweeting about blogging from my iPad... 10 years ago that statement would have made absolutely no sense.
  • 11:46:27: @jamiedeloma You still swim better than I can, which is ironic since I'm ex-Navy.
  • 11:47:06: It's Sunday of a long weekend. Of course I have a killer migraine. OF COURSE.
  • 11:49:11: @WhitlockJason Russell #4?
  • 13:38:13: @Jim_Sterling *generic print is dead comeback*
  • 14:21:25: @TheGoalieGuild That's a big mistake by Peter. You dance with the goalie who brought you. And that's Leighton with his calm demeanour.
  • 16:35:59: @Jim_Sterling My search-fu is failing me right now. What's that article where you basically call 2010 the Year of the Wii?
  • 16:58:26: @TheRealBell I didn't know her breasts had to speak.
  • 17:05:47: @Jim_Sterling Considering some of the sites that still have their reviews up, I'd be shocked if they do that to anyone.
  • 17:07:12: @Jim_Sterling How did your Deadly Premonition review get pulled for awhile, then?
  • 17:26:49: @JVB Define "pure". NFL 2K5 pure, or Tecmo Bowl pure?
  • 17:29:07: @JVB Ooooooooooooh. Sounds like I better get on this.
  • 17:32:12: @JVB Downloaded it, but haven't had time to play it yet.
  • 20:10:31: @TheRealBell They're about the same. Sadly, Danica is more successful than Anna ever was.
  • 20:41:40: @jephjacques That must be some good shit! It allows you to *travel into the future*~
  • 20:52:27: @jdeloma What a load of bollocks. Who will tell me how I should think, then?
  • 20:57:03: I just ran for two plus hours, more or less. I took breaks, but for all intents, I'm completely gassed. Like, "almost puked" tired.
  • 21:01:47: Great. Now I have to review Wii sports games, too. http://bit.ly/9nTDre
  • 22:09:46: @TheRealBell A first generation Wii title using a gimmicky control scheme. I would say "fun" isn't operative. More like "buggy crap"
  • 22:28:43: @revolver_ Not really. Not unless Aileen can come over. Otherwise, yeah, it'd be alone.

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