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From Twitter 05-31-2010

  • 00:36:18: @Psymin1 Funny, I made that recommendation for your future, not for this year!
  • 00:59:25: @Psymin1 ... and Huselius has no future, and is a cap killer. Right!
  • 01:00:06: @Psymin1 Right. That EXP is for the future. You don't care if someone's going to get EXP if he's leaving, or if he's a C potential. McGinn..
  • 01:00:25: @Psymin1 is a potential good player, so you want that EXP on him, and really, Huselius sucks.
  • 01:02:24: @Psymin1 The game is smart enough to adjust. My fourth line gets more time than my third, unless it's a heavy PK game.
  • 01:05:09: @Psymin1 What level are you playing on?
  • 01:13:20: @Psymin1 Line chemistry plays no part in NHL '10. If it did, I'd be hurting because Turris (C) is playint out of position on the RW.
  • 01:13:58: @Psymin1 If it's Pro, then you can take a ratings hit for your future. He will get worse, and that cap hit is immense.
  • 01:14:21: @Psymin1 You really only run into trouble when you take ratings hits when you move up to All Star/Hardcore or up.
  • 01:16:21: @twelveicings But... you have TWO Sutter brothers! That's better than one! Right? ... Right?
  • 01:26:57: @DHGFPsymin Don't wait. Remember, the trade deadline game doesn't give you infinite times to try trades; rejections cost you a trade.
  • 09:06:27: If there's one thing I'm thankful for, it's the fact that I'm not one of the people being remembered on Memorial Day. I got lucky.
  • 09:07:58: @Jim_Sterling Sounds like what I'm trying to do with 3D Dot Game Heroes.
  • 09:17:06: Can we get a second source to back this up? I no longer take Bob Barr at his word. http://bit.ly/9iLGEO
  • 10:33:15: I'm the only person I know not frothing at the mouth at Obama not going to Arlington. Maybe I just don't care about symbols.
  • 12:56:46: @Psymin1 Because it's arbitrary, and wasn't popular with EA's gamers. I didn't care for it; too arbitrary.
  • 13:00:33: This is so far my fourth straight day without soda. So far, so good!
  • 13:01:24: @Psymin1 What kind of improvements? The only thing I can really see them doing is a "character" rating.
  • 13:01:50: @Psymin1 As in, certain "locker room" guys have a high character rating, which affects people on and off ice. Think Ian Laperierre.
  • 13:02:35: @Psymin1 The problem with that is that it's not quantifiable - it relies on anectodal data - but if they could pull it off, great.
  • 13:10:29: @sportsguy33 Don't they have real, legitimate beef with each other/
  • 16:29:13: Soldner X-2 can wait. It's Persona O'Clock! <3
  • 17:26:51: "Hey, I made the fourth floor, only one more floor to be able to sa--" *AMBUSH + MABUFU! HAHA START OVER, BITCH!" ":("
  • 17:36:42: @JPosnanski In a sport where even the best player only succedes 35% of the time? You take all the bases you can get.
  • 17:45:31: RT @goodwillhinton: Saw a mag at the grocery store that promised "Justin Bieber's life story." What life story? He's 16.
  • 17:53:02: @Jim_Sterling Hey, quick question: what flash game did 3D Dot Game Heroes "borrow" the sword size mechanic from?
  • 18:14:42: @Samarecarm I wanted to reach floor #5, because that would at least give me a foothold. Now I have to do the whole bollocks again.
  • 19:48:56: @Samarecarm I'm not far. It's April 18th, and I'm going to save Yumiko, or at least build up a bit.
  • 19:50:43: Every time I think I'm getting healthier and less injury prone, shin splints come back to remind me that I've got a ways to go.
  • 19:54:53: @Jim_Sterling This is why I love that we use words. If casual readers ever figured out our rating system, we'd get crucified.
  • 20:06:01: I have to admit... Duck Hunt just isn't the same when you play it with a mouse. :(
  • 20:24:20: @dmataconis Dude! I said that three months ago! It took me two months to stay at 300, I kept cycling spammers.
  • 20:26:06: I just looked at my mother's Pepsi as if I wanted to fuck it. Is this what quitting cigarettes is like?
  • 20:36:38: I haven't had to do it in awhile, but if I'm trying to pick up a chick, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the LAST thing that comes across my mind.
  • 20:40:04: @TheGoalieGuild These are both PERFECT butterfly stances. I love how Leighton looks especially. Economy of movement.
  • 20:49:36: RT @unmarketing: I would quit Facebook but where else am I going to talk to people from high school I never liked?
  • 20:53:50: Ooooooh, bad job by Leighton dropping his glove hand on the third shot. But where was Krajicek!?
  • 20:54:24: @TheGoalieGuild Think Neimi's losing focus? First goal wasn't too bad, second one... yech.
  • 20:58:42: @TheGoalieGuild Look at where his glove was on goal #1. It was behind his pad. He lost his angle.
  • 20:59:31: @TheGoalieGuild That's not smart. You can't play short leash with your goalies now. Especially considering Philly's history.
  • 21:11:00: @jperlow Because "ISRAEL IS EVIL" has over 1m views.
  • 21:12:51: I wonder... is Outback Steakhouse popular in Australia? I wonder what @Loreky thinks about that. XD
  • 22:25:26: For friends on LJ, my 3D Dot Game Heroes review is up there. It'll be up on DHGF in a few days.
  • 22:40:43: I couldn't resist: I ended up getting PC Gamer through Amazon's deal.

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