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From Twitter 06-01-2010

  • 00:09:46: @Psymin1 Salary difference?
  • 00:10:08: @Psymin1 More specifically, how many years of control will you have over Brassard and Burns?
  • 00:10:57: @Psymin1 $3.4M? Bleh. I'd do it if I can sneak out a 1st of 2nd round draft pick, too.
  • 00:40:19: @Psymin1 THAT one, I grab. I <3 A- potential players. And Quincey isn't bad, though I'd look to move him afterwards.
  • 09:23:10: @burning_phoneix US
  • 09:24:25: @Lorekky Going to Australia and eating at fuckin' Outback is sad. Like celebrating because the McDonalds in Spain have alcohol. XD
  • 09:25:54: @Lorekky They did WHAT. BUTT jiggle? If that doesn't tell us where that series is going...
  • 09:35:31: @Jim_Sterling So I had to sit through an unskippable ad for War for Cyberton to watch the War for Cyberton ad. Fucking AWESOME.
  • 13:54:47: @DaleNorth What's sad is that this takes a month to incorporate.
  • 13:55:15: RT @howtogeek: HTML5 spec was started in 2004... SIX years later still a "working draft". Do they have the Duke Nukem people working on it?
  • 13:57:36: @jperlow Irony: the only reason OS/X is more "secure" is because of obscurity. This blows a hole in the whole "obscurity" idea.
  • 14:02:21: How do you say "I'm rusty at Fire Emblem" in two words? "Dead Amelia". #sacredstones
  • 14:03:02: On a positive note, strike a victory for open source! Thanks to someone putting FCEUX's recording plugins into VBA, I can record videos!
  • 14:09:20: @ThePajamaPundit Please, GOD, no.
  • 14:21:10: @TheTypingPanda This is my sixth day so far without soda. What would you recommend my schedule be for awhile?
  • 14:36:57: @shizuoya Not when you're bombarded on two sides by ships with ballistae. :(
  • 15:15:05: @TheTypingPanda No, I'm getting my caffeine via tea (oolong).
  • 16:26:05: I find it ironic that the Fire Emblem they put the most effort and innovation into is considered the "weakest". #sacredstones
  • 20:51:50: My only meal of the day just got ruined because two other people want to eat at fucking Chili's. #crankybus
  • 23:31:57: @therealalyshea Inexcusable. They complain that kids have nothing better to do, then they do that. Betcha the police get that money.
  • 23:33:51: @ErikaS981 Maybe if he spent less time trying to bully fishermen and Twitter, he'd have some free time. Maybe.

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Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
Sacred Stones was hardly made with a ton of effort. Subpar difficulty and a relatively bland story (granted, they're ALL clichéd at this point) added to the fact that the game was rushed to the finish line kinda make that part show through. Plus, it's "innovation" was basically reusing or adapting stuff from Gaiden.

I snickered at the HTML5 comment, though. XD
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