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From Twitter 06-02-2010

  • 00:03:06: So when Dontrelle Willis goes on a tear for Arizona, can we put behind any idea that the NL isn't AAAA?
  • 00:12:08: @burning_phoneix We're talking about a series that doggedly refuses to veer off its own set points. Baby steps.
  • 00:21:18: I got home at 12:40. I'm just now ready to write the PSN piece. I'm exhausted. This will not end well.
  • 00:35:34: @burning_phoneix Change too much, and they get away from what makes Fire Emblem great. And fans bitch.
  • 10:29:41: @dmataconis They do. The non-criminals have guns. The criminals don't give a shit. I wonder if there's a lesson there...
  • 10:31:27: SO much to say about DADT. SO little time! Roller hockey - or more specifically, the people involved - are already killing me.
  • 10:31:59: @schiffforsenate Do our online "signatures" count for that?
  • 10:32:29: @burning_phoneix Yeah, but those are more mainstream series. The fans will bitch, but you bet your ass that you people bought it anyway.
  • 10:32:51: @burning_phoneix They can't afford to take those kind of risks with FE. They tried because FE7 did OK. No FE game has sold since.
  • 10:42:30: RT @GIBiz: Activision launches own independent games contest http://bit.ly/aSLBOA (Note to devs: you might as well just give goat's blood)
  • 10:52:54: @jperlow I know one thing: their behaviour scares me off from buying *anything* of theirs. Not after the music + iPhone lock-in.
  • 10:53:15: @jperlow I mean, sure, it's nice now. But who knows when Jobs is going to go haywire and invalidate hundreds of dollars I've spent?
  • 11:22:17: @dmataconis I want *less* people voting. Mainly because I want a small competence test before you're allowed to vote.
  • 11:26:31: Atsushi Kitajoh! So that's why I love Persona 4's and New Blood's soundtracks so much! I really need to learn composers' names.
  • 12:06:59: @Beazus It is a dangerous, horrible precedent for the US to freeze assets of a non-US based company. Furthermore, it's illegal.
  • 12:10:26: @TheGoalieGuild Why did they sign him? Either they want an A+ talent to be a permanent backup, or they are flinching on Louie.
  • 12:11:03: The Canucks signed Corey Schneider! Awesome! Those ten starts he'll get will be amazing!
  • 12:13:42: @Beazus But we still have to keep our heads. We can't seize assets unless we *know* there's criminal intent, and that's for a trial.
  • 12:16:19: @TheGoalieGuild I don't trust Vigneault. He's like most other coaches: he'll ride his goalie until he drops, then place blame when he does.
  • 12:16:44: @TheGoalieGuild He doesn't want to be second guessed in January if he puts the rookie in and the rookie gets smoked for four goals.
  • 12:46:24: Record of Agarest War showed up. I feel dirty just HOLDING this thing. The marketers know there's a game in this box, right?
  • 12:50:23: @hatsuyuki I would rather something be overtly sexual than coy. Especially when the game itself isn't very sexual.
  • 12:50:52: @hatsuyuki They basically shoved lolicon into a game that doesn't have many sexual themes to sell it to dumb Americans. I only bought the...
  • 12:51:18: @hatsuyuki 360 version because I want the physical disk and it's not as badly compressed. But JESUS, look at the box!
  • 12:52:43: I would review Agarest War, but Atlus gave me Hexyz Force *yesterday*, and I can only handle one JRPG (and 2 shooters) at a time.
  • 13:39:02: @TheGoalieGuild Besides, the market is flooded on A list talent goalies. They wouldn't get proper return. At the trade deadline? Dif. story.
  • 13:47:53: @DanaTaggart Sounds like me when I used to live (briefly) in Yorktown. XD
  • 14:44:15: @TheGoalieGuild I think they could justify 25 starts for him. Easily. God, I hope he's right. Louie needs rest.
  • 21:54:03: So I take it something happened in Detroit? when there are 150 updates within an hose saying the same thing...
  • 22:39:13: Guess what, baseball guys? If I'm doing the exact same play again, I want Jim Joyce on the field. Mistakes happen, and he's amazing.
  • 22:41:23: Ref a game. Umpire a game. All you armchair jocks will understand what it feels like. Even the best blow calls. Even one that badly.
  • 22:44:06: @sportsguy33 Here's one with remastered sound and no stupid overlay. http://youtu.be/XTkhl_cEMZs
  • 22:44:47: @thestolenfork I wasn't so lucky. I had to double back past Riverdale. It was funny watching the cop tell me "YOU CAN'T GO THERE". No shit!
  • 22:46:00: I feel for Gallaraga and the Tigers. But I'm sorry, Griffey Jr. is the bigger deal. http://bit.ly/bhxqyU
  • 22:47:04: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Apache REMASTERED SOUND (Tommy Seebach) http://youtu.be/XTkhl_cEMZs?a
  • 22:48:46: @KeithOlbermann You chicken shit. How can you compare one to the other? All you do is talk. You never "do".
  • 22:50:30: And here come the "Griffey wasn't really that good" stat morons. Fucking eggheads. This night's going from bad to fuck-you.
  • 23:06:50: @dmataconis On the other hand, if you overturn it, the Cardinals are the 1985 World Champions.

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