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From Twitter 06-03-2010

  • 01:01:47: I will say this one more time: if you've never reffed a game, or umped a game, you cannot criticize Jim Joyce. I know exactly what happened.
  • 01:08:00: I've had times when my mind said one thing, and my body did another. There's a slight flinch in Joyce's safe call. I guess technically...
  • 01:08:38: it's a "choke", but it happens to everyone. Anyone trying to find shame in this is in it for themselves, not the game.
  • 01:13:45: @PHFFFF Not even. I just think in his head, he got his wires crossed. "ouSAFE"
  • 01:14:04: @Aitherion Absolutely. For like 10 minutes. That doesn't matter to a lot of people.
  • 11:44:33: @DHGFPsymin It's purely selfish. Griffey's a bigger deal to me, he's my favourite player from my youth.
  • 11:45:18: @dmataconis Good. Let him get right back to work. I'm all for it.
  • 11:46:20: Don Denkinger's now saying we need more replay. Well, then! That settles it, to me.
  • 11:47:31: @ErikaS981 Not yet. They're going to review it, but nothing's been decided yet.
  • 11:53:30: @sportsguy33 Was there a point to that?
  • 11:54:22: @dmataconis You have to. You have to shake off the stink and get it behind you. Can't let it fester.
  • 11:57:58: @dekunda Is that from Vincent?
  • 12:24:13: @dekunda Either way, I'll be importing - and reviewing - it, so I'll definitely confirm. <3
  • 12:25:24: I want to play Persona 4. I REALLY want to play Persona 4. I do NOT want to work on the Xbox piece, the Raystrom piece, and Soldner X-2.
  • 12:26:52: The previous tweet was another episode of My Charmed Spoiled Life.
  • 12:28:52: So Activision follows the shitty Stimulus Pack with an also shitty Resurgence Pack, also for $15. You MW2 fans have Stockholm Syndrome.
  • 12:32:32: Some math: $60 for MW2 (short single player), + $30 for six new maps + 4 old ones. You've paid $90 for not much content.
  • 12:33:10: But hey, you don't want to offend Activision, right? They'll be sad! Unless you're on PC or PS3. They don't care about you. You have to wait
  • 12:34:00: I swear, gamers are stupid. Gamers are SO FUCKING STUPID. No wonder the industry's shitting itself. Gamers are dumber than shit.
  • 12:41:24: @hesster56 I think there's a site that actually sells solid gold flatscreens! I'm not kidding, I have to find that link!
  • 12:43:01: @shizuoya Apr. 18th. I died on floor 4 of Yukiko's castle, and haven't been able to play since.
  • 13:56:46: @Psymin1 "Strike" and "Vacant" are from MW1. Hey, Activision will do this as long as gullible gamers buy it.
  • 14:01:58: Now THIS is someone to mourn. http://yhoo.it/9TzFgk
  • 14:09:12: But of course. The cowardly used car salesman strikes again. http://bit.ly/9ETela #fuckbud
  • 14:10:54: @KeithOlbermann Is Bud Selig the most cowardly commissioner ever? Seriously. I'd take Bettman over him.
  • 14:12:31: @dmataconis Awesome. Thanks to him and his cowardice, Jim Joyce will forever live in infamy. EVERYONE wanted that overturned but him.]\
  • 15:21:24: So I guess I not only lost Hexyz Force, but I'm now having to rush out a review of Tiger Woods '11 - a game I dislike - before next Tues.
  • 15:21:47: I lose one game I like because of a code foible, gain another one I don't want, and have to rush it. Cue #crankybus!
  • 15:26:33: @nickgillespie Hey, this rekindled my love of Rush! Thanks!
  • 15:29:59: @KeithOlbermann Honest question: rule 9.02 is clear that on-field decisions are final. That doesn't play into this?
  • 15:30:22: Playstation Network Wrap-Up for June 1st, 2010: It’s heading into June, and that means one thing for me personally... http://bit.ly/cu3CZz
  • 15:37:06: @WhitlockJason He *can't*. The rules don't allow it. Rule 9.02
  • 15:39:47: @dmataconis What about the Pine Tar Game? I had to be reminded of that one.
  • 16:38:03: Xbox LIVE Wrap-Up for June 3rd, 2010: As I mentioned in yesterday’s PSN piece, this week is a massive time crunch ... http://bit.ly/9h8fDI
  • 17:23:04: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Goalie Tweet of the Day! RT @steffeG: It's a shame some great goalies rot in the AHL and some rotten goalies are in ...
  • 17:24:08: @dekunda You're just getting old. :<
  • 18:03:07: Wow. My PS2's disc reader is in such bad shape that I had to use an emulator to play Raiden III. Awesome.
  • 18:08:34: More amazing is that my PC can emulate the PS2, and most Gamecube games. Holy shit, I love technology.
  • 18:41:07: Not John Wooden, too...
  • 18:59:43: @burning_phoneix I just played a full game of Pro Evo '07. Kicked ass, too! Still got it!
  • 19:00:45: @DanaTaggart Maybe that should be your next campaign? Exposing the way the GOP took over the tea party like they did the Reform Party?
  • 20:28:27: @DanaTaggart Do these people who so hate the Republican party know they've been tricked, though?
  • 20:35:27: RT @thestolenfork: Where's the storm? This heat is ridiculous.
  • 20:44:57: @thestolenfork That's... a good question. People even ask me "are you going to write about Facebook games? :D" I would rather drink Clorox.
  • 21:28:33: @raywashere Ah, so WE have to change, instead of just putting something similar to cap + trade in. Right.
  • 21:37:27: Weighing whether or not I want to make a newtype reference in my Raystorm review.
  • 22:04:36: @dekunda @twelveicings I got 32! \o/
  • 22:29:07: Oh, shit. Tonight's edit night.
  • 22:37:39: @DanaTaggart Is there actually a difference between the two?
  • 22:40:10: I love it when people come back at me with "you must be shit at the game, you fag" when they disagree with me. I love fanboys.
  • 22:40:50: Attracting the hatred of fanboys is oddly arousing. I feel like @Jim_Sterling right now.
  • 22:46:40: @jephjacques PFC... he was a *baby*. The only ones that die over there are the kids, it seems. Jesus Fucking Christ.
  • 22:47:14: @DanaTaggart Perrilio + Hurt. I'm not from your area, so I need to know why they're not just Generic Republican Candidates.
  • 22:53:42: @DanaTaggart Ah, so Robert Hurt is to VA what Linda McMahon is to CT. Gotcha. #longlivepeterschiff
  • 23:31:13: And now, I've got people inviting me to play MW2, a game I don't - and never will - own. It's like I'm being mocked.
  • 23:32:12: @jephjacques This is late, but panel 2? Hannelore's face? PRICELESS.
  • 23:33:48: Working on Raystorm HD review. Not sure how the tone of this is going to go. I love Raystorm - have since '96 - but the port is lazy.
  • 23:34:39: @DanaTaggart Says the people with a viable stake in a two party system. I don't see it hurting Canada too badly.
  • 23:35:48: Old school FESSer get together at Popo's place on SF!

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Jun. 4th, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
Last night was easily the best time I've had in a while. XD
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