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From Twitter 06-04-2010

  • 00:02:45: @Aitherion http://bit.ly/9YpJ3H
  • 00:24:31: @chuckjaywalk Hey, I'm going to play around and see if I can get Twitterfeed to automatically post all of our articles automatically to FB.
  • 01:45:33: @burning_phoneix Yep. Still my favourite PES game.
  • 02:05:38: @wikileaks No way.
  • 02:08:02: @wikileaks No. Your desire for "maximum political impact" would scare me off. I couldn't trust you to put out a neutral documentary.
  • 10:16:07: @dmataconis So basically, the only ones hiring are the government?
  • 10:18:57: @Psymin1 Does that kid even know what the Cup is? "Ooooh shiny thing!"
  • 10:23:25: RT @BreakingNews: Ivory Coast star Didier Drogba breaks arm, likely to miss World Cup http://bit.ly/bF1Knz (Translation: they're FUCKED)
  • 10:26:21: Just a reminder: today is the 21st anniversary of Tiananmen Square. China has stepped up its brutal censorship of its people as a result.
  • 10:30:08: @dmataconis Where the hell was he even *going* with this? I'm confused.
  • 10:32:09: @dmataconis Right, I get that. He went from point A to point K. I'm wondering where the hell B through J are.
  • 10:51:48: Drill, baby, drill! http://bit.ly/c7zDXz
  • 11:06:47: @dmataconis If those kids are looking now, they've already lost. The smart ones started in February.
  • 11:13:08: This whole "TGIF" thing doesn't really matter if you're self employed.
  • 11:19:40: I've decided that I'm not doing anything else until I stop dying in Persona 4. #noproductivitytoday
  • 11:29:45: @Psymin1 Yeah. Wage slaves.
  • 11:43:15: @dmataconis If it's wrong, I don't want to be right. Though... I don't "get" voucher programmes, even after researching them.
  • 11:53:54: @Psymin1 Scoring on Pro is this easy: 1) take down wing. 2) Cut hard to centre 3) cut back up 4) pass across. 5) PROFIT
  • 11:58:52: @Psymin1 If it helps, it's much harder to do that on Hardcore. Though if you do go Hardcore, turn pass assistance back on.
  • 12:03:10: @dmataconis Only if there's no trans fats.
  • 12:36:52: @ryanaraine Wasn't that more or less killed by a combination of bureaucracy and Microsoft?
  • 13:17:39: Am I the only person that thinks Steven Gerrard should have been the skipper of England in the first place?
  • 14:09:11: @dmataconis They even had a special on the MSG Network that morphed two of their concerts together.
  • 14:09:33: @dmataconis (As a rap fan: I love Jay-Z's work, but this is NOT something I like)
  • 14:26:26: There's a really big difference between "shots fired at Union Station" and "30 hooligans had a dust-up", news orgs! Get your shit straight!
  • 15:15:54: @TheGoalieGuild Do goalies that go back in tend to be hurt by that, or helped?
  • 17:30:19: @Psymin1 What is there to rationalize? How are your shots? 100 shots at a chest are going to be stopped.
  • 20:49:34: @BigSamTweets that pretty much confirms what I've been saying: most of what sucks about the Japanese market is America's fault.
  • 21:01:48: @TheGoalieGuild I've never liked teaching that much aggression. I notice in kids that it leads to them fighting the puck.
  • 21:07:09: Anyone ever referee a hockey game with so much fog you can't see across the ice? What a shitshow.
  • 21:58:36: @DanaTaggart My fiancee insists that's not ALWAYS a bad thing.
  • 22:06:18: I really need to remember to bring extra socks and underwear to these games. Especially when the temperature at ice level is easily 13C.
  • 22:10:01: For those not "down" with Celcius: water freezes at 0. It's 13C at ice level in an ice hockey rink. I'm sure you can take it from there.
  • 22:13:47: "What you are as a person is far more important that what you are as a basketball player". I'll always love and revere you, Mr. Wooden.
  • 22:52:37: Looks like my DVR was thoughtful enough to record game 6 of the 2004 SCF for me. Awesome. It's only the game that ruined hockey.
  • 23:31:54: @TheGoalieGuild I tried it. One period. I literally went in and changed at intermission.
  • 23:40:39: Wait, is that... Adblock for Chrome? I think my days with Firefox might be over!

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