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From Twitter 06-06-2010

  • 08:48:13: @burning_phoneix And for us, ESPN is a pay station, but really, 98% of people have it. So we have the whole thing free, basically. <3
  • 08:49:49: @burning_phoneix And doesn't everyone have Al Jazeera, basically?
  • 08:51:53: @DanaTaggart Anyone who uses a computer is "unamerican". Unless they want to pay like $5K for one.
  • 09:50:08: @dmataconis People take Ariana Huffington seriously?
  • 16:07:41: @raywashere Fasiglia. Terrell remembers him. Isn't he the guy that fucked up half your meetings? That guy SUCKS.
  • 16:19:32: Yes, NBC, I know we have a tornado watch for Connecticut, now can you get the fucking radar off the screen? I'm trying to watch rugby!
  • 16:20:52: @dmataconis For the same reason he created dinosaur fossils: to test our faith! (c) Bill Hicks
  • 16:25:39: If BP was really sorry about causing the biggest oil spill in US history, they wouldn't be spending money on commercials telling us so.
  • 16:30:16: Sorry, I haven't seen the Helen Thomas video. Just the preview on Youtube was enough to scare me away.
  • 16:32:37: I love Rugby. I miss Rugby. But like goaltending, I know it's something I'll never be able to play again. :(
  • 16:37:54: @dmataconis Actually, my local BP affiliate is changing affiliation. Another station did the same thing with Citgo because of Chavez.
  • 16:48:15: For anyone wanting every BP opponent to be reflexively punished: their job is to protect their shareholders. Nothing more. Sorry!
  • 16:51:19: It sucks. I know we want action, reaction, and vengence. But to do that ignores what the company is in the first place. They're big oil.
  • 17:15:00: Just saw an article celebrating Hawk Harrelson. Guys. Listen to Vin Scully, then listen to the Hawk. This is who we're celebrating?
  • 18:11:39: RT @Tomcat1066: Kate Gosselin. A woman who's only claim to fame is not being able to tell the difference between her uterus and a clown ...
  • 19:27:39: RT @BreakingNews: US's $13 trillion debt about to overtake nation's GDP - Bloomberg http://bit.ly/d6ngAj
  • 19:44:51: @raywashere He complained a lot about that, yeah. He's awful. Blew four icings, and tried to let a guy out of the box while even strength.
  • 19:45:41: @raywashere Fun thing? I think after that shit show, Burrell - who was there - gives him FEWER games than the 8 he had last year. What a POS
  • 19:46:07: After such a great start, Leighton gave up a softie. It changed direction, but he has to challenge more.
  • 19:51:14: @TheGoalieGuild Hey, I know a guy that applied that lesson well! http://bit.ly/cinJ1l
  • 19:52:28: I don't even konw what to say about that goal. Shit happens.
  • 19:55:33: @raywashere Sure he was talking about him? I DID call a lot of penalties. XD
  • 19:56:05: Bad goal by Leighton. Depth bites him again. Maybe he needs a lesson from @TheGoalieGuild on coming out and challenging.
  • 20:18:28: Ooof... Boucher's in? Had to be done, unfortunately. It does raise questions about game 6.
  • 20:22:04: Jesus Christ, I can't switch to the basketball game for TWO SECONDS. 3-1. Goalie guys, how bad was the goal?
  • 20:25:07: Dear Philly fans: don't blame Boucher for that one. BAD job of backchecking by Briere. Nothing Bouch could do.
  • 20:25:22: In other news, I'm really starting to despise Chelsea Dagger.
  • 20:27:47: Is that actually going to count!? How does that count? Hartnell was in the crease, and hit him. I can't believe that counts.
  • 20:35:34: RT @BreakingNews: Las Vegas sets daily record with 110-degree temperature mark - Review-Journal (In other news: @revolver_ has melted. :()
  • 20:42:06: Is it just me, or does the ice at the United Centre look like it suck?
  • 20:50:15: Nice goal, but Boucher needs to keep his pads on the ice. Buff wouldn't have had the angle had he just 'flyed out.
  • 20:59:39: @RicBucher Are coaches really that scared of their stars? Do they all think they're the next Mike Woodson?
  • 21:30:39: Watching Andrew Bynum brings me back to an ESPN article where Skip Bayless complained because the then-17 year old had a MySpace.
  • 21:30:48: The lesson, as always: Skip Bayless is a moron.
  • 21:39:20: The NBA's referees are turning this game into a fucking shit show. Put the Goddamn whistles away.
  • 21:46:26: @cjd11 I love their logic. "Chuck likes it, and he's fat! Come be fat like Chuck!"
  • 21:51:43: Didn't Ron Artest used to be a 20pt. scorer? Why does he look so moronic on offence with the Lakers?
  • 21:53:23: Funny moment: after the Rondo missed FT, you hear "SHIT", THEN ABC mutes the sound. #toolittletoolate #censorshipisdumb
  • 21:55:45: @cjd11 When someone posts another "America has an obesity problem!" article, we'll at least have exhibit A.
  • 21:57:01: Fun story: the person that really turned this NBA Finals game? Nate Robinson.
  • 22:05:28: Dear WNBA: When you make commercials hyping your league, might want to do a better job of not showing row upon row of empty seats.
  • 23:12:50: One difference between our two "biggest" companies: I don't ever remember people getting excited Microsoft conferences.
  • 23:24:32: @libertyideals Of course. Because Democratic opponents are the only ones that rant and rave like lunatics.
  • 23:25:25: @twelveicings You want to talk about cockblocked? I'm afraid I'm going to look at my bill and find out they killed my unlimited data! :(
  • 23:40:03: @hatsuyuki But it's just as pretty IRL! :(
  • 23:40:30: @twelveicings They ended their unlimited data plans; people that have them (read: me) can stay, but they put in a lot of rules for keeping.
  • 23:41:05: @twelveicings Like, you MUST activate 3G once a month, or they send you down to 2GB/mo @ $25. In short, they want people off that plan. Now.
  • 23:41:45: @jephjacques For the same reason I write better at 5AM: because my artistic side hates my "you're 30, stop fucking around" side.
  • 23:44:20: @SPBowley Where the hell is there an open Krispy Kreme at 12:45!?
  • 23:54:03: @hatsuyuki I did! It made it to my shoulders! That's long for my hair! :(

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