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From Twitter 06-07-2010

  • 00:08:31: @twelveicings This is a trend. They're going to keep making rules. "Must to use X GB of data! Rewind your VHS tapes! TOUCH YOUR TOES!!!"
  • 00:40:00: @twelveicings So Rogers is the AT+T of Canada? XD
  • 00:44:12: Dear developers: I didn't like "NOT A TRUE ENDING" when Bubble Bobble did it. I don't like it for shooters, either.
  • 00:46:03: OK, that's enough of that. It's Persona O'Clock! It shouldn't be this big a deal when I get to play games for fun.
  • 01:43:46: @twelveicings What do you mean by "eligible"?
  • 02:26:49: I've read this piece on the accused Wikileaks leaker four times. I still don't quite know what to think... http://bit.ly/dp2GtV
  • 02:27:57: On the one hand, American lives could be in danger. On the other, I want to know what's in those cables, and see if it validates Chomsky.
  • 11:32:10: @dmataconis I would avoid the town halls too. All it takes it one screaming nutjob with an agenda. Those all happen to be on the right.
  • 11:37:27: Once again, companies - this time, Nintendo and Sony - assume a download is a lost sale. It's not. http://bit.ly/9Z12By
  • 11:56:48: @revolver_ What does "wtf" feel like? XD
  • 11:58:36: @Samarecarm I'm noticing that Chrome likes to run three separate processes in Task Manager. Gonna keep an eye on that.
  • 12:07:38: Don't let the door hit you on the way out, bitch. #helenthomas http://bit.ly/aeCjSD
  • 12:13:49: @Jim_Sterling Didn't you write a piece that basically said "The Will will rule in 2010, and a lot of it is because of RPGs!"?
  • 12:31:31: Yeah, I think I'll let everyone else bottom-line WWDC for me. I'm not in on the Jobs fellatio.
  • 12:44:37: @dmataconis They won't. Apple fans are legion, and suck up everything that comes out of that company. It's worth massive pageviews.
  • 12:52:42: @Buster_ESPN As a Mets fan, I don't feel so bad about Oliver Perez anymore.
  • 13:00:06: @ryanaraine Considering the rules they're putting in already - with more to come, surely - nope, you're pretty much screwed.
  • 13:00:17: RT @hesster56: iPhone 4 network craps all over Jobs' hands at conference. Way to go ATT. Audience member yells "get Verizon" Bwa ha ha h ...
  • 13:14:08: @dmataconis I've never cared for Helen Thomas, so this, for me, is convenient. Still, I don't care for the mob mentality we've developed.
  • 13:14:39: @dmataconis I also don't get how it's OK to say something negative about some groups (gays) and others are off-limits (minorities + Jews)
  • 13:18:41: Why the hell does Chrome have seven processes running in Task Manager?
  • 13:25:32: @SarahWW But she's not in a position of deciding foreign policy. It's one thing to say that. It's another to decide policy that does it.
  • 13:26:04: @SarahWW Helen Thomas - and Don Imus, by extension - were just spouting bullshit. It was a mob mentality that cost them their jobs.
  • 13:26:37: @SarahWW I'm uncomfortable that saying that gays are evil is A-OK, but saying anything unflattering about Jews is a fireable offence.
  • 13:28:16: @TheRealBell It's not. Four tabs open, currently six Chrome processes. They combine for about 170MB of RAM being eaten up. That's Firefoxian
  • 13:54:04: Notice/warning to my Twitter followers: I am AMPED for the World Cup. And I call it football. *watches as his follower list plummets*
  • 14:12:40: @raywashere It's actually not bad. The game times are 7AM, 9:30AM and 2PM (all EST). The 7AM games are DVRable.
  • 14:28:29: John Barr both breaks a massive story and gives a tutorial on top-notch investigative journalism: http://bit.ly/bZ3Ukv
  • 14:54:56: @RaptorOnAMillie It's only a big deal because all software is going to be forced onto the 4G now. My 3G is going to become useless.
  • 14:56:42: @RaptorOnAMillie I resent being told to buy a new phone every two years "or else". But then again, I'm all but locked into the iPhone.
  • 14:56:49: @RaptorOnAMillie The lesson, as always: I'm a moron.
  • 14:58:27: Damnit! I had a witty way to link Soldner X-2 to Lordi, and the video is embed disabled. Damn you, Sony!
  • 15:00:07: And of course, the Hard Rock Hallelujah video is blocked in the US by Vevo. This is why I torrented all of Lordi's albums in the first place
  • 15:06:15: Figures that now that Amazon sells MP3s, I can buy the one album I don't have (Deadache). See, guys? I'll pay if you just let me!
  • 15:26:08: I'm growing more frustrated that Libertarians are being lumped with Anarchists. Damnit, I'm not an anarchist.
  • 16:04:22: @shizuoya No, Windows Task Manager. But it's the same thing; the browser's multithreading would DESTROY a low-spec PC. Aileen can't run this
  • 16:06:05: @the_pc_doc There is Windows Live Messenger "Lite". It's called Pidgin.
  • 16:06:23: @RaptorOnAMillie I have one problem: I use my iPhone professionally, as I occasionally do reviews. I will *have* to upgrade.
  • 16:22:34: I see a number of bugs have returned to MLB '10 The Show. Who the hell is in Sony's QA, the Keystone Cops?
  • 16:23:50: Another shitty bug just cost me another run. Unreal. Damnit, Sony.
  • 16:59:58: @Samarecarm Not from what I'm noticing. Check Task Manager (Ctrl + shift + ESC) when Chrome has a few tabs open.
  • 17:00:16: RT @ValleyIndy: Avoid Route 34 in the area of Lakeview Terrace in Derby. #cttraffic (God damnit)
  • 17:01:36: It doesn't matter what the truth is to Sarah Palin because her supporters are too stupid to research it themselves. http://bit.ly/95gHaO
  • 17:03:25: Has anyone forgotten that Helen Thomas is going to be 90 soon? She's old, and sometimes, old people have daffy views.
  • 17:05:57: @anonisawoman I don't think it's that hard! Libertarians believe government is only there to protect citizens from outside aggressors,
  • 17:06:23: @anonisawoman while anarchists don't even want that.
  • 17:14:08: "What the fuck, did my controller die?" I tried for 5 minutes to figure it out until I saw I was trying to play PS3 with a PS2 controller.
  • 17:21:10: RT @ValleyIndy: Route 34 head-on is fatal. One dead, one sent to yale, trauma alert.
  • 17:21:35: Looks like I'd better find an alternative route to the rink in Shelton. Up to Buckingham I go!
  • 17:52:41: @Psymin1 You motherfucker! XD
  • 17:53:15: RT @JimNorton: Gary Coleman's ex wife has allegedly sold hospital photos of him to a tabloid. If it's true, I hope she gets cancer of th ...
  • 23:00:12: @ValleyIndy I KNEW I should have checked Twitter before I drove home. Thank goodness for Derby Neck.
  • 23:02:02: @Samarecarm See how it runs. It MIGHT be smart about it and close some processes if you're low on resources. Test it a bit.
  • 23:14:48: I come home tonight, to find out that Tiger Woods has shown up! I will play it now, so I have the feeling of playing it before anyone else.
  • 23:19:24: By the time I get through all these "tutorials", everyone else will own the game and be going through it themselves.
  • 23:43:16: Review: Raystorm HD (Microsoft Xbox 360): Raystorm HD
    Developer: Taito
    Publisher: Taito
    Genre: Vertical Shoot ‘em ... http://bit.ly/drCEky

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