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From Twitter 06-08-2010

  • 00:07:50: I would like to thank Microsoft and (now dead) Krome Studios for validating everything I said negative about Game Room. http://bit.ly/a89ttQ
  • 00:43:09: Who is Bud Selig's "committee" on Baseball issues? The surviving members of the Warren Commission? http://bit.ly/daSmnE
  • 01:25:44: America: the land where people named Snooki, The Situation and JWOWW can become rich and famous.
  • 01:27:26: On a related note (since I come into these late): Snooki might be the most frightening looking woman I've seen since Helen Thomas.
  • 01:53:13: Good work, EA, making a pre-launch tournament, ostensibly for us reviewers! Good show!
  • 03:01:22: Am I the only person who calls Tiger Woods "Tigger"? This extends to games, too. "I'm playing Tigger '11!"
  • 03:02:08: (And before anyone asks, since I know someone will: I refuse to make any jokes about Tiger's personal life. I'm a professional.)
  • 04:06:33: @jlist Isn't that practically overnight in Japan?
  • 11:29:10: @Jim_Sterling So then it's perfectly OK to mention that in said preview! "All this shit was put out by these morons already, so..."
  • 11:31:36: To indie developers: if you're giving your game idea to Activision, you're not only not indie, you don't own it anymore http://bit.ly/9FxRH0
  • 11:38:51: @dmataconis Translation: "Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Fuck Obama Me Me Me Me Me Me Me"
  • 11:40:49: @dmataconis It was easy. Palin's very easy to understand, that's what EVERY status says.
  • 11:46:48: @JazzShaw Oh shit, she's still getting confirmed. Whoops, forgot about that.]
  • 11:52:08: RT @DaleNorth: Please, please. Give me more embargos that you'll break yourselves. I love it.
  • 11:53:34: @twelveicings British Petrolium.
  • 12:00:14: Children Of All Ages Delighted By Enslavement Of Topsy The Elephant - http://onion.com/c7Bv65
  • 12:00:46: @keithlaw The same team that blew their first round pick so hard?
  • 12:34:34: Nothing makes me roll my eyes harder than hearing a defence of someone start with the words "he has Aspergers". #copout #rainman
  • 12:52:44: @twelveicings Tampa seems to be bringing in good people. We must stop this nonsense.
  • 12:59:47: @twelveicings It should be noted that my DVR thankfully decided to record games 6 and 7 for me. Thanks, DVR. *delete*
  • 13:07:53: Just saw pics of the Derby crash via @ValleyIndy. Yep! Right around the worst curve in the Valley, and that asshole went over the line.
  • 13:29:42: @dmataconis Didnt' a major motion picture do that, too? Like, in the title?
  • 13:30:31: @superbus And wait, wasn't Obama the one who read the audiobook version of his friend saying words like "nigga"? We care about ass?
  • 13:32:59: @dmataconis I'd rather hear my President curse than hear some of the mindless drivel that came out of the last one's mouth.
  • 13:37:51: @RicBucher People actually use Vescey as a source? What is wrong with you people?
  • 16:51:33: I lose respect for Judge Napolitano whenever he gives Sarah Palin a pulput.
  • 17:51:00: @Psymin1 (about NHL '11) They better incorporate these right. These are good ideas, but they're going to turn something that happens...
  • 17:51:36: @Psymin1 ... once or twice a year into something you see five times per online game. This smells like overreaction to online losers.
  • 17:56:01: @TheGoalieGuild Par for the course in Toronto.
  • 18:25:16: @dmataconis Oh, God, that's right. More Strasburg means more having to deal with the Nats' idiot play by play guy.
  • 18:25:44: Steven Strasburg is the first can't-miss prospect we've had since Mark Prior. If that isn't a good omen, I don't know what is!
  • 22:15:29: @dmataconis That's why I love TweetDeck's "Block + Report" feature.
  • 22:16:38: @TheGoalieGuild What was the GAA in those one goal games, broken down between W+L?
  • 22:17:12: @Psymin1 I occasionally play OTP. Then I remember that I hate everyone. "Hey! I'm going to carry the puck, never pass, and do wrist shots!"
  • 22:17:26: @Psymin1 Needless to say, I never play more than two games consecutively.
  • 22:17:57: Geoff Hurt won in VA-5? Sympathies to @DanaTaggart
  • 22:20:06: RT @BreakingNews: Sarah Palin to Pres. Obama on how to handle oil execs: ‘what the heck, give me a call’ (Is this bitch FUCKING SERIOUS!?)
  • 22:20:21: RT @ginthegin: RT @mashable Twitter to Change Links: They Won’t Count Against the 140 Character Limit - http://bit.ly/aF2f6K (YES!)
  • 23:07:03: @twelveicings She might have. I think she might have, actually. I try not to pay attention to that cunt.
  • 23:51:32: Looks like BP is spending money on ads at baseball games in Chicago. That sounds like less money to spend on cleaning up the fucking Gulf.
  • 23:52:02: @SPBowley No way. Absolutely not. Bobby had to go. That whole team hated his guts/.
  • 23:52:25: RT @BreakingNews: Ex HP boss Carly Fiorina wins GOP Senate nomination in California (I hate to say this, but I'm rooting for Barbara Boxer)
  • 23:57:31: Steven Strasberg will finally face Major League hitting when he plays against the Braves later this month. Congrats, Steve!

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