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From Twitter 06-09-2010

  • 00:12:31: @TheGoalieGuild I got three Trojan notifications when I opened that link.
  • 00:15:24: @TheGoalieGuild No, the whole site blows up. I'd have to disable AV, and I don't do that. I'll check it out on my Linux laptop.
  • 01:28:05: Just broke my Pepsi chastity... and I think the break did something: I no longer like the taste of Pepsi! This is a BFD if you know me!
  • 01:31:26: @twelveicings Wow. I have to get you a USB drive. XD
  • 01:38:05: Wow. Really, this is huge. I used to CHUG Pepsi. Is this what detox is like? I feel like I detoxed off of Pepsi, and now I reject it.
  • 01:55:57: Am I the only person - other than @edropple - that notices that Strasberg has the same high-elbow arm action that ended Mark Prior's career?
  • 13:57:30: @Jim_Sterling This is what kills me. I do a lot of time-taking research before anything goes up (I wear the "journo" tag proudly), but...
  • 13:57:56: @Jim_Sterling the only shit that hits really well are casual shit, or controversy. It's why I stopped doing daily news posts,
  • 13:58:19: @Jim_Sterling because they weren't hitting worth dick, and I was just getting yelled at about it. "Less time to spend on reviews!"
  • 13:59:54: @DanaTaggart It gets depressing knowing that if the "establishment" picks someone, the sheep voters will be dumb enough to go with him.
  • 14:01:18: Started a wrap-up last night. Just went in, and wiped the entire introduction. Today's going to suck.
  • 14:06:06: Who the fuck does network maintenance at 3PM EST? That's retarded, Sony.
  • 14:11:28: @burning_phoneix About what?
  • 15:18:49: RT @AskDrRuth: If you go make a sex tape, assume it's going public. Get your hair done. Smile to the camera. Don't fool yourself that it ...
  • 15:38:44: @Jim_Sterling I keep my iPhone specifically BECAUSE of gaming. It sucks to be locked into AT+T, but then Zenonia makes it all better.
  • 16:31:56: RT @BreakingNews: Security breach exposes 114,000 Apple iPad owners' subscriber data http://bit.ly/9p6BbI (iPad users don't care, but should
  • 16:34:20: The hits keep coming against AT+T/iWhatever exclusivity. Will it matter? No. Neither company cares about their customers.
  • 16:36:08: Speaking of Apple, am I - a loyal Adblock user - the only one regarding iAds as a VERY bad thing? They're going to be in my face every day!
  • 16:39:03: Look, devs: if I buy a $5 app, I do not want unblockable adds with them. On free apps, fine. On paid apps, you're not going to get my money.
  • 17:23:58: @gorrie This seems dangerous to me. Not only based on FB's privacy settings, but also due to the precedent.
  • 19:47:32: @stevenshields31 What can anyone do about it without getting suspended or taking a 5?
  • 19:48:50: AWESOME interference call by Stephen Walkom on Sopel! That's a great call. That's why he saved the NHL.
  • 19:50:55: This whole series has been a goaltending apocalypse. Neimi lost his balance, which caused the rebound to go in 5-hole. Why was Neimi back?
  • 19:51:47: @superbus Agreed. I don't know how many goals I've given up because defencemen end up doing more harm than good.
  • 19:58:57: @dekunda And which anime is THIS apocalypse? XD
  • 20:02:15: @Psymin1 Walkom initiated and enforced the new standard in regards to clutching, grabbing + interference. The difference was palpable.
  • 20:02:53: @Psymin1 Watch any game from the mid-90s until 2004, and watch one from post-lockout. You'll notice the difference in the quality of play.
  • 20:06:52: The latest Go Daddy ad just literally made me facepalm. I hate that company in every conceivable way.
  • 20:14:08: @revolver_ Professionally, they're a nightmare for me. They don't address spam issues, their custom DNS sucks, and they blacklist wantonly.
  • 20:14:28: @revolver_ Of course, none of that means anything to a casual user. I'm talking ISP to ISP dealings.
  • 20:17:25: @revolver_ Oh, don't get me wrong. I hate that too. I love breasts, and they make me hate their commercials.
  • 20:22:48: Nothing Neimi could do about that one. Broken play, and Philly nailed it.
  • 20:23:26: @Psymin1 And wait a minute, you're thinking of the Pronger cross-check that was not a good call. (Mike Milbury). The Sopel call was a pick.
  • 20:28:10: Now THAT'S a bad call. Sutherland should have noticed that Hossa was pushed in. He'll want that one back.
  • 20:29:22: So of course, the penalized team was the one that scored. Philly's PP is flaccid. #bettercallsmilingbob
  • 20:29:58: BTW, that goal was awful. Leighton needs to close up. SOMEONE has to make a big save.
  • 20:38:35: @Psymin1 If you're thinking of the colour guy, that's Ed Olychk. But if so, he was wrong on the Sopel penalty.
  • 20:43:30: Tipped goal, but meaningless. Leighton has to tighten up there. I'm surprised, considering how strong his waffle is.
  • 20:44:51: If Chicago holds on, I expect a classy applause from the Flyers fans as the 'Hawks accept the Cup. #lies #riots #montrealsouth
  • 20:46:45: Leighton's doing it again: he's sitting back in the blue paint and giving up net. @TheGoalieGuild must be going nuts right about now.
  • 20:57:47: They're showing a Justin Bieber video on the Jumbotron in Philly? I don't know if I feel for the crowd more, or him. #savagefans
  • 20:58:26: @TheGoalieGuild Do you look toward Bouch here, or do you continue to dance with the buck-toothed girl that you brought (Leighton)?
  • 21:38:31: This is amazing. Goal by Hartnell, and we're probably going to overtime. This is hockey, ladies and gentlemen!
  • 21:56:28: Playstation Network Wrap-Up for June 8: I like easy weeks. Most weeks, I have a lot to talk about, good or bad. Th... http://bit.ly/abLE50
  • 22:06:55: Worst. Cup clinching goal. Ever.
  • 22:09:22: Seriously. How does Leighton let that in? Philly had all the momentum, and Leighton made a COLLOSAL boner. Terrible goal.
  • 22:29:12: @Psymin1 That matters absolutely zero to anyone on that ice right now.
  • 22:32:11: @Psymin1 ... That's not Olychk. That's Jeremy Roenick. Olychk was the colour commentator.
  • 23:53:33: So Pete Carrol really is an opportunistic coward. Who'dathunk.
  • 23:55:03: @Psymin1 The booth guys (in-game) were Doc Emerick and Ed Olychk. The intermission guys were Dan Patrick, Jeremy Roenick and Mike Milbury.

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