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From Twitter 06-10-2010

  • 00:49:38: I like how Gary Bettman did the Stanley Cup ceremony in an end, protected by the netting. A coward to the bitter end.
  • 00:54:53: @EASPORTSNHL Unless you want someone who will likely win next year, I say Steven Stamkos. He's legit, and with a real coach/GM, should shine
  • 02:38:48: @burning_phoneix Which one? What are you talking about?
  • 02:44:22: Oh, sweet, merciless SNK bosses. I forgot how much you all sucked.
  • 02:56:26: I just can't come to grips with the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks are actually Stanley Cup Champions. Even Roenick got choked up.
  • 03:00:17: Xbox LIVE Wrap-Up for June 9th, 2010: It’s 1AM on Thursday morning. Let’s get this shit on the road.
    B... http://bit.ly/aMqhoq
  • 03:02:15: Here's the sad thing: the Blackhawks won the Cup specifically because Bill Wirtz died. That's extremely sad. And also extremely true.
  • 13:17:10: @burning_phoneix No, that's legit.
  • 13:23:48: Congratulations, guys. Because you tried to compete with a 17 year old sponsored out the ass, your 16 year old is dead. http://bit.ly/ccmEVM
  • 13:31:13: @ExtremeGamer Because gamers are stupid and will buy what they're told to buy. What did you expect?
  • 13:40:12: @TerryTek It's not just Derby. The entire Valley - especially Seymour - is nuts this year. It's either parochial or nothing nowadays.
  • 13:43:37: It's not free speech if I have to wait for a bloody moderator to approve/censor it. C'mon, @ValleyIndy
  • 13:45:49: @libertypapers That boy needs to talk to Dick Vitale to slap him back into reality.
  • 13:51:24: @dmataconis I don't get that it took a freaking rig explosion to get people to think this way. Are we all Lemmings?
  • 13:52:22: Keep these FUCKING WHORES out of my FUCKING state. (from @cjd11, via @ConnPolitics) http://bit.ly/y6g3b
  • 16:58:05: @burning_phoneix The depths that they went through to report on what's going on are awesome. Sorry if I give a shit.
  • 17:00:54: @JonHenke What else would they expect Superman to do? Spin around it really fast, of course! Wait, you mean Pres. Obama is NOT Superman!?
  • 17:09:26: So USC's current program and current coach have lost two years because of shit that happened years ago. And transfer students lose a year.
  • 17:09:54: Meanwhile, Reggie Bush and Pete Carrol skip off home free, as do the people that benefited from the excess.
  • 17:10:54: There's two lessons here: 1) The NCAA is either corrupt or incompetent, maybe both, and 2) the NFL needs to support suspensions, too.
  • 22:29:07: @revolver_ ... The sad thing is that I give exceptional massages. NO NO NO BAD BUS BAD BUS
  • 23:52:45: Quick Twitter WC prediction: I'm actually going to do something weird. I'm going to say Spain wins a World Cup.

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