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From Twitter 06-11-2010

  • 01:25:41: @twelveicings I went through that shit too when I went looking at schools! High school! I might have WENT to school with those admins!
  • 01:40:11: RT @BreakingNews: Update: Spokesman says searchers have contacted teen solo sailor Abby Sunderland and she is alive and well in Indian ...
  • 01:41:34: @twelveicings "Your junior year in English was low..." "I'm a PROFESSIONAL WRITER. I'd say I've recovered." "We're going to take a 18 y.o."
  • 01:44:51: @burning_phoneix And I'm not. "ESPN did this for titillation!" What a load of bollocks. "He didn't cover MY preferred thing!"
  • 02:04:27: Here's a name from my archive of old NHL games I'm sure @twelveicings will remember: Hakan Loob.
  • 02:05:36: @Psymin1 @LuGer33 I haven't had it cost me a no-hitter, but I've had that shit cost me a game. And old glitches are coming back. It's horrid
  • 02:29:56: I have to say this: Dan Pollard is a fucking pimp.
  • 03:14:59: I like what Rob Fahey's saying here: he's telling gamers if you want new IP, start buying it. http://bit.ly/bRCKUX
  • 04:00:43: RT @BreakingNews: Pope Benedict begs forgiveness from God, victims for sex abuse scandal - Reuters (Too little, too late, homey - Bus)
  • 14:47:58: The first day of the World Cup, and we get two games decidedly NOT for the neutrals.
  • 14:50:09: God DAMNIT, Gamefly! They've sent me three games. Not one game was above 5 on my Queue. Here comes... FFXIII. #shitshow
  • 14:53:43: I had a "medium" chance at Split/Second and Heavy Rain, and you fucking sent me Final Fantasy anyway. I'm about to drop this service.
  • 14:57:41: @bluchic I thought the problem was that they GOT blown?
  • 15:32:25: @dmataconis I heard a comedian talking about this last night. It was timely and accurate. Unfortunately, it was Bill Hicks. #deadsince94
  • 15:34:20: Now, THAT is the way to begin the World Cup: two ties, and a clinic on parking the bus in front of goal. #fuckuruguay #fuckfrancetoo
  • 15:36:19: The France/Uruguay game was definitely NOT Joga Bonito. No wonder Cantona says he's English.
  • 15:49:43: Ah, here's something I haven't seen in awhile: constant Windows bluescreens! Let's read some dump files! #backtolinuxIgo
  • 15:50:18: Funny, when I woke up this morning, I said to myself "I haven't used my laptop much lately". Here I am, out of necessity!
  • 16:00:34: Dear ATI: Your driver software is shit. It shouldn't be this annoying to fix this issue. I should have been done by now.
  • 16:47:05: @Psymin1 It's a good service, but "put a lot into your queue!" is counterproductive. I always end up getting what I DON'T want.
  • 16:48:12: @Psymin1 I got it because I figured it would help with reviews. HA! If I want something, I have to have ONLY that game queued.
  • 20:10:43: ... I just got hit on by three sixteen year olds. #ageisanumber #anumbersmallerthanmine #muchsmaller
  • 20:14:21: @stevenshields31 I thought X-blades were already banned?
  • 20:14:43: @raywashere You got rejected? Wait, you got a letter already?
  • 20:27:35: @KeithOlbermann This is unfair. What they're protesting is that they aren't being given a choice in the matter. I think this is fair.
  • 20:41:46: Another one for the "good die young" file: Bill Hicks died at 32. Denis Leary's still "performing" at 52. #nojustice
  • 20:42:17: And before anyone gives me shit, Leary's the same person that said "six bullets in Lennon, not ONE fucking bullet (in Yoko)!"

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