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From Twitter 06-12-2010

  • 13:11:12: England vs. USA. Let's fucking DO THIS.
  • 13:13:35: @Psymin1 If it helps, I'm going to likely love NHL '11, and I'm criticizing Tigger?
  • 13:19:09: I don't even know where to watch this game in the Valley. I expect every bar to have baseball. "Soccer's for FAGGOTS, Fag!"
  • 13:19:38: (And before locals ask, I won't make it to Black Rock in time for kickoff)
  • 13:20:28: @ValleyIndy Wow, you're kinda behind the times!
  • 13:32:41: @SPBowley If I drank alcohol, I'd be all over a Bud. And I don't even like Bud.
  • 13:35:21: Congratulations: our worst nightmare has been realized. Fucking scouser.
  • 13:36:35: The good news: we have the strikers that can get us back in the game: bad news: we also have a depleted back line. This is bad. #usa
  • 13:39:31: The US's best chance is to win this game 3-2. We don't have the scorers to slot three past a John Terry line. This is BAD news.
  • 13:45:38: @Psymin1 Canada got waxed in the third round of qualifications. If Canada ever made a WC, I'd be insufferable.
  • 13:47:08: The US is getting long ball happy. This never ends well.
  • 13:47:29: @dmataconis You're thinking Rugby Union.
  • 14:11:24: Looks like Robert Green's international career just ended. Now, ATTACK! #USA
  • 14:12:07: At this point? I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em!
  • 14:15:31: Let me remind everyone that Robert Green is a top shelf goalkeeper, and that the tabloids are about to ruin his life. I do sympathize.
  • 14:41:00: With Canada out since '08, my WC teams are 1) USA, 2) Anyone but France.
  • 14:41:42: @SPBowley Chinese food in America is different than it normally would be, so sure!
  • 14:47:43: Here's my question, and one I was asking at the front of the match: why isn't David James starting?
  • 14:48:59: I love the BBC. "Look at this! The Americans don't suck! My word!"
  • 14:49:35: @hatsuyuki Yes, but they also literally cheated their way into the World Cup (hand ball)
  • 14:50:51: @Psymin1 It's HORRIFIC goalkeeping; he didn't get his body behind the ball. I have to wonder if he doesn't trust this (horrible) ball.
  • 14:53:31: @Psymin1 Cappelo's a bigger story. Cappelo's got a much larger resume and more pressure (and also had every move backfire on him)
  • 14:54:29: Green with a save on Jozy Altidore. Even THAT save didn't look good, but hopefully for him, he can use it to get that goal off his mind.
  • 14:58:30: @burning_phoneix Fucking Brits kill their goalkeepers. If I was English, I would want James in net. Who's left, Paul Robinson?
  • 15:02:53: @burning_phoneix ... OK, let me ask again: who's left? This is why Robert Green's starting in the first place.
  • 15:06:15: @burning_phoneix I mean, seriously. They dumped Robinson for dumb reasons. And where is Scott "The Future" Carson?
  • 15:09:17: Big Bird is in the match! #petercrouch
  • 15:10:59: They talk about Jozy Altidore, and how he wasn't impressive for his club side. Seriously, he played for Hull! NO ONE would impress there!
  • 15:11:18: It's hard to impress when you can't get the ball, Martin!
  • 15:24:43: So America got a point. In this group? That's probably good enough.
  • 16:48:24: You work for something for a year. You know you're good enough. Then you don't get it, and no one will tell you why.
  • 20:37:16: Good one via @libertyideals: Man saves 13 year old, gets arrested in a power grab: http://bit.ly/98oGfb
  • 20:43:34: Quick poll: what do you think is the most annoying noisemaker, the Vuvuzela or Thunder Stix?
  • 21:12:25: RT @bobanddan: “@RoadRage7: who you got bob, Liddell or Franklin?” indifferent. They were both done in 2007. Not interested in senior to ...
  • 21:19:06: @BuddhaMichael Hey, I've been wondering... whatever happened to "I care about his health, and it's over, man. It's over."?
  • 21:24:02: You know what the cool thing about being a referee is? When you do have a stumble, you have NO friends. Everyone mocks you.
  • 21:26:22: "I didn't make the team!" "Oh, it's OK, better luck next year" "I didn't get into NIHOA for whatever reason" "AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA FAGGOT"

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