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From Twitter 06-13-2010

  • 01:23:04: @BuddhaMichael Remember Dana White saying that Chuck Liddell would NEVER FIGHT AGAIN, NEVER EVER? Yeah.
  • 01:31:48: I just pulled a United '99 on Croatia with England! Down 1-0 heading into the last 10 min., Jermaine Defoe did (cont) http://tl.gd/1rifa8
  • 01:33:31: The fun thing: Defoe came on as a sub for the ineffective Peter Crouch. I know who's starting from here on in.
  • 09:43:25: @dmataconis People are going to miss the fact that he's right. Because they'll be too busy watching commercials.
  • 10:08:00: The sad thing here is that CB Bucknor and Angel Hernandez are going to continue to get playoff games. http://bit.ly/aBQUbp
  • 19:07:09: @ValleyIndy Oh my GOD, I haven't played Yahoo Pool since I was in the Service!
  • 19:07:44: @jamiedeloma On the other hand, it's the Orioles. Slightly false sense of security.
  • 19:13:13: @Samarecarm Keep trying, hon! *poof-poofs into cheerleader outfit*
  • 20:47:29: Oh, great. We found minerals in Afghanistan, the most corrupt country on Earth. More colonialism!
  • 22:21:52: @dmataconis Why couldn't he make a big deal of giving up Golf for America, like that good, honest man Bush?
  • 22:52:21: @JVB And people wonder why I wasn't too keen on traveling for E3.
  • 23:26:19: @JVB My attitude about E3 is "bottom line it for me". Ars actually goes over my thoughts on it pretty well: http://bit.ly/9QRqBb
  • 23:26:54: @Psymin1 Honestly? I have no use for E3. Nothing but glamour and glitz, with no info. G4 loves E3, real journalists don't care.
  • 23:27:22: @Psymin1 All E3 is to me is a card; you can look at other gamers and go "I'VE been to E3!", and let them take turns wanking to you.
  • 23:32:05: @Psymin1 Honestly? I'd rather go to PAX. Partly because there's more there, and also because they come east.

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