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From Twitter 06-14-2010

  • 00:40:22: Dear Gamefly: Please allow me to approve games you're sending before you send them. I don't have time to see that FF XIII sucks.
  • 00:42:28: Well, it's official! @brookeburke, a vapid, famous-for-being-famous celebrity, likes Move! I guess it's not a shitty Wii rip-off after all!
  • 03:23:11: @Jim_Sterling Couldn't "HERP DERP" be said about E3 as a whole?
  • 03:49:53: Apparently, Tigger Woods is useless without the PSN. That's fun, considering I need the 'net on my laptop right now. #blowndeadline
  • 05:45:38: @JVB To be fair, I don't know if I really trust Peter Molyneux. He tends to be a bit exciteable.
  • 16:47:44: @twelveicings To be fair, that was in the early part of this decade. It's gotten worse over time! XD
  • 16:50:25: RT @HeroicSuperman: Dam Modern Warfare 2 left such a deep open wound that seeing game play of COD Black Ops did absolutely nothing for me...
  • 16:55:25: I'm our sports game expert, and even I'm ambivalent on Madden. Bottom line it for me when it's release time, guys.
  • 17:08:01: Here's a shock: a town who's mayor is a local business owner spends too much on the green and nothing on education. http://bit.ly/d5RvdB
  • 17:09:08: I am ashamed that Derby can build a new Middle School then shamelessly not spend money on it, while upping municipal spending.
  • 17:09:55: BTW: Derby, of the Valley towns, arguably has the worst school system except for maybe Ansonia, which is nothing more than a football school
  • 17:21:55: @Samarecarm Gamestop has made a business of buying up international game chains as well. Their goal is worldwide. D:
  • 17:26:14: Looks like Dion Phaneuf is officially in sink-or-swim mode. Boy's gonna have to grow up some now.
  • 17:27:59: What do I call a review where I don't break the 2000 word mark? Simultaneously, a vacation and a $.39 review.
  • 17:33:25: @twelveicings It doesn't matter to me, because Lewis Black is amazing regardless. XD
  • 17:50:00: Correction: I forgot that postage is now $.43. So this one's getting mailed in at $.43.
  • 18:13:56: Am I the only person that thinks it's a little bit weird when Libertarians who complain about Big Brother are on Foursquare?
  • 20:29:04: Shooting hoops is exercise. Running so hard you can't dribble a basketball? THAT is a workout.
  • 23:31:07: @libertypapers Why help them? I mean, we can't bitch about the Govt. knowing everything about us when we're leaving a paper trail.
  • 23:54:47: @jdeloma It was pretty cool to watch while watching the Padres game.
  • 23:55:53: @revolver_ "I'm on a horse!"

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