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From Twitter 06-15-2010

  • 01:00:56: Review: Soldner X-2: Final Prototype (Sony Playstation 3): Soldner X-2: Final Prototype
    Developer: SideQuest Studi... http://bit.ly/cCHSk4
  • 01:10:18: I love watching 80s era NHL games. Only here can you see Chico vs. Bunny as a legitimate goaltender matchup.
  • 01:50:42: I guess we really ARE deporting American citizens now! http://bit.ly/axQgE7 (Note the pictures by @ValleyIndy's wife!)
  • 02:12:11: Since I can't usefully play tigger for the moment, I will play... FINAL FANTASY XIII!! FUCK YEAH SEAKING!!!!
  • 02:13:09: This is such a momentous occasion, that I will officially TWEET MY THOUGHTS as I play this AMAZING (shitty) game! #theregomylibfollowers
  • 02:16:55: RT @BreakingNews: American hunting Osama bin Laden with a gun detained in northern Pakistan - AP (Funniest. Update. Ever.)
  • 03:05:40: ... Why is there a chick in the black guy's hair? Who is the blonde chick? What is going ON HERE?
  • 03:06:16: I will say this, though: the game looks AWESOME in 1080. Imagine what would happen if they did FFVII like this.
  • 03:17:35: I don't see what the complaints are; this is every bit as much Final Fantasy as the previous two were. That's not a compliment, BTW.
  • 03:19:48: What is Pulse? What is a Brimstone? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?
  • 03:22:00: I already want to play something else. I'm a half hour in. This is not a good start. This is the summer action flick of RPGs.
  • 03:37:00: Got it! So, FFXIII is basically a glitzy retelling of Nineteen Eighty-Four, with worse storytelling and ATB. Good to know.
  • 04:06:47: Looks like this redhead chick is going to win the Mikuru Asahina Award for Character I Want To Beat To Death. #ffxiii
  • 04:22:51: I have to admit... FFXIII isn't *as* bad as everyone made it out to be. So far, at least. Not GOOD, but not horrid.
  • 04:34:23: I like how half of these cutscenes are "Hope's First Boner". God, I love JRPGs and their sexual tension. #notreally #theyreliketwelve
  • 08:52:10: @BigSamTweets they want the "causal" market. In short, they have marketing types pointing to the Wii and going "It prints money!"
  • 08:52:35: @BigSamTweets These marketing types forget that Nintendo's personality carries that day. Microsoft couldn't do "personality" if it tried.
  • 08:58:53: GOD, this almost makes sense. And this is coming from someone that wishes ill on Robert Kotick. http://bit.ly/aXTpL0
  • 09:08:37: Not even eight minutes into the Portugal match, and Ronaldo's already dove twice. God, I hate Ronaldo,.
  • 09:11:23: Of course, right after I say that, he shoots around four orange shirts, and rings the woodwork. Naturally.
  • 09:22:44: For God's sake, I left IT because I was tired of tirelessly troubleshooting PC issues. Now I have to do it with my own. #cmonworkdamnit
  • 09:44:18: RT @burning_phoneix: #CIV are now controlling the match against #POR Hopefully Ronaldo tries another dive and gets sent off.
  • 09:46:59: I hope the Ivory Coast beats these Portuguese tossers. And I hope Ronaldo gets a second card. And loses the armband. And he retires.
  • 09:47:16: As most of you can tell? I'm not a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan. #faggot
  • 09:49:51: Ronaldo's such a wanker, he even dives *in his commercials*
  • 10:02:07: The announcers for this game are awesome. They're doing everything but outright calling both of these teams cowards.
  • 10:24:01: Rooting for Didier Drogba over Cristiano Ronaldo is like rooting for herpes over AIDS.
  • 10:24:57: @Psymin1 I'll sing a song I heard a player sing once in the 'box about his opponents: "Faggot, faggot, faggot, faggot, everyone's a faggot!"
  • 10:25:52: @Psymin1 And yes, this 260lb. man really did sing that in a singsong voice. The same man that once bent a graphite stick. With his hands.
  • 10:29:38: GOD, he did it AGAIN! ANOTHER Ronaldo dive! I hope he dives into shallow water. With a plugged in curling iron.
  • 10:32:07: The theme for this game has been 'bitch about everything to the ref'. This is the worst part of modern football, all in one match.
  • 10:42:39: @Psymin1 Thursday. http://bit.ly/axhErU
  • 10:44:01: ... Doesn't anyone do chants at football matches anymore? #vuvuzela #zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • 10:45:58: The Idiot's Guide to Chants at how to cheer at the 2010 World Cup. http://bit.ly/9speZB
  • 10:52:14: @Psymin1 No, the 18th. This thursday.
  • 10:55:02: @Psymin1 18th. Today's the 15th.
  • 10:55:26: I feel like a worse person for having sat through that awful match. Terrible. I hate modern football when played this negatively.
  • 10:56:06: @Psymin1 Wait... today's Tuesday?
  • 10:56:16: @Psymin1 Whoops. I'm a moron.
  • 10:56:31: @Psymin1 Fuck, that means tonight's PSN night. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  • 11:02:09: @Psymin1 ... I'm a moron.
  • 11:04:26: RT @BreakingNews: 52 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama's oil spill handling (also: 52% of Americans are over-emotional fools)

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