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From Twitter 06-16-2010

  • 00:03:30: I couldn't care less about my tweet counts. I'm more concerned that the past two days have been Failwhale central. That matters more to me.
  • 00:53:16: God bless Tom Izzo! http://bit.ly/9uHybd
  • 01:43:59: Funny, for all the noise Sony and Microsoft made, Nintendo blew them away at E3 with basically the status quo.
  • 02:01:53: @twelveicings The keyboard gets annoying for serious writing, doesn't it? :(
  • 02:04:53: @twelveicings They had the biggest buzz, though I guess Cirque Du Solei and a shitty product (Kinect) tend to do that. XD
  • 02:07:55: @twelveicings ... OK, I lol'd. XD
  • 02:29:08: This new Sonic game is going to be EXPENSIVE (via #Jim_Sterling) http://bit.ly/9sQUBU
  • 04:48:54: Finally got the 360 pad working in Ubuntu 10.04. You know what that means... BRING ON THE EMULATORS! #fuckyeah #actraiser
  • 06:11:52: "What motivated him to throw a puppy at the Hell's Angels is currently unclear," - Understatement of the day. http://bit.ly/aWZ8Dx
  • 06:12:23: @dmataconis Who was our last non-crappy President? (Please don't say Reagan... Please don't say Reagan...)
  • 06:15:51: @dmataconis Awesome. So counting Washington, Lincoln, etc., we're... maybe 8 for 44. America is below the Mendoza Line.
  • 06:52:18: Note for my DHGF readers: The PSN piece will be exceptionally late. Believe it or not, it's because of PC issues (laptop has my PS3's 'net)
  • 11:34:10: @Jim_Sterling hey, I'm #2! though my reviews of Nobunaga's Ambition and Strikeforce probably wouldn't go over well...
  • 11:37:23: The Swiss fucking WON!?
  • 15:45:41: @revolver_ Why? Wait, why are you in a non-open relationship? You're 21! Flirt!
  • 17:01:56: @revolver_ BMI, accurate? What? BMI is horribly inaccurate.
  • 19:14:51: @revolver_ The Navy still uses it. That baffles me. And I know the ECAC (NCAA Division 1 hockey) uses it for referees and linesmen. :(
  • 19:21:35: How does a tower NOT have a PC speaker connector? I need my "YOU FUCKED UP" beeps!
  • 19:42:52: @Jim_Sterling Then what is Playstation Move? Virtual Boy?
  • 19:53:27: @revolver_ Oh, I KNOW something's wrong; I have no video. I just need to know why. But I moved towers, and the new tower doesn't have...
  • 19:53:58: @revolver_ a PC speaker option on it. I NEED those beeps right about now to see if it's the video card or something else.
  • 19:57:14: @revolver_ When I moved everything, I got it back up, but no video; it's like there's nothing hooked up. I hope it's not the $250 card...
  • 20:14:10: @TheGoalieGuild I have a game from 1980 saved on DVR. Oh my God. Would any goalie from back then make an East Coast team nowadays?
  • 20:37:41: "Santa Claus is real, he's in our booth, and he's *giving out fucking handjobs*" #nocontextforyou #parules
  • 20:42:42: @shizuoya You went on the internet to say that your power is out. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, DELIA. XD
  • 22:39:24: @TheRealBell Glad to see one of us is having desktop bliss. #possiblyborkedvideocard

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