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From Twitter 06-17-2010

  • 09:46:56: Greece was able to tie this match they're playing because a .0001 second reaction sent Nigeria to 10 men. There needs to be common sense.
  • 09:52:17: RT @AskDrRuth: If you want to read about the new female "pill" go here: http://tiny.cc/4qzuu. I thought it probably had problems.
  • 09:53:10: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: CNN says Obama's oil speech was at a 10th grade level, too brainy for average people. This is why average people shou ...
  • 09:53:51: @Locs_n_Laughs So what CNN is saying is that the average American shouldn't have passed the 10th grade?
  • 09:55:20: @dmataconis Naturally, these people didn't read his explanation that he's still supporting Obama on Twitter (haven't read Kos, try not to)
  • 10:06:26: Unsung star of the Greece vs. Nigeria game: Derek Rae, who has had to learn to properly pronounce 18 Greek names. #twelveconsonantsandavowel
  • 10:07:58: For the millionth time: this is NOT the Twitter account of the French rock band. I'm not affiliated. In fact, I can't stand them! So there!
  • 10:34:09: Sad prediction: Sani Kaita (red card) becomes the next Andres Escobar.
  • 10:36:18: @TheRealBell Wait. AOL's still in business?
  • 10:50:03: RT @motherpucker: Breaking News: CNN just reported that BP replaced the oil well cap with a wedding ring and it has immediately stopped ...
  • 11:03:20: The NFL already kills its players. Really, they're almost like professional wrestlers. They want to add MORE games now? http://es.pn/bmMdzu
  • 11:23:15: Bad article by @whitlockjason. Not only is this foolish and treats adults like kids, it might not be legal. http://bit.ly/cBrtfy
  • 12:20:21: Great. PS3's having a DNS issue. That means I can't play Tigger effectively. Oh damn. Guess I HAVE to play Grandia. #unproductive #1stworld
  • 12:44:19: Fun fact: if I run any Adobe Air in Linux, my iPhone disconnects. #strange
  • 13:26:47: @dmataconis To be fair, she's pretty hot.
  • 14:03:29: @raywashere Not intimately, or at least around here.
  • 14:03:48: Baseball fans who say that football (soccer) is boring confuse me.
  • 16:45:27: @raywashere On the other side of that are teenagers who get life without parole. The system's broken both ways.
  • 16:46:35: @Conserv79 Because taking a child to full term + the maternity leave take away from a (female) soldier's readiness. Simple as that.
  • 16:47:06: @Jim_Sterling If there's one thing positive, it's that Aubrey is extremely forgiving.
  • 16:49:24: You know who would be playing better than France right now? Ireland.
  • 16:50:28: Wow. So Montreal traded Halak, kept Price, and all they got back was Lars Eller and Ian Schultz? They fucked up three times in one trade!
  • 16:53:11: @Conserv79 Agreed on that front. But not everyone we served with is a Rhodes scholar. There are some DUMB people who sadly need to be ready
  • 17:18:20: Another local business down. This is becoming disturbing. http://bit.ly/cmybEP
  • 17:53:01: Connie's can't catch a freaking break.... http://bit.ly/awD48i (via @ValleyIndy)

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