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From Twitter 06-18-2010

  • 00:12:43: I have to wonder... if BP's damage wasn't SO huge, would the Republicans distancing themselves from Joe Barton still be doing so?
  • 00:13:23: @sarajayechan KEEP USING IT! >:O
  • 00:33:07: One of these days, I'm going to go to E3. And I'm going to bring @samarecarm. And we'll meet @twelveicings there. And it will be glorious.
  • 01:09:57: @revolver_ You're somewhat close to E3, that could work!
  • 01:33:15: Here's the irony: this man was killed by his family for turning off a *religious* programme. http://es.pn/aKIhM5
  • 01:47:47: @Jim_Sterling And after that nice Sonic write-up, too! :(
  • 02:21:10: People. There is no such thing as a non-barbaric execution. We're forcefully taking the life of another person. That's barbaric.
  • 02:37:38: The act of killing someone against their will - while strapped down - is barbaric. Changing the minute details doesn't matter at all.
  • 02:38:52: People who say *some* forms of execution are bad but others aren't are delusional and naive at best, hypocrites at worst.
  • 05:04:48: Once again, I stay up until fuck you o'clock thanks to weird hockey schedule. And once again, I get the writing bug. NOW. Jesus.
  • 18:41:14: @twelveicings we sent like... 3 guys, I think. I couldn't afford it. :(
  • 21:30:05: Since I have so many Yankee fans on my list: today's coming win by the Mets feels *SO FUCKING GOOD*
  • 22:32:05: @twelveicings Are those the shirts that Sega was giving away? XD

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