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From Twitter 06-19-2010

  • 02:43:23: Beating Croatia TWICE in qualifying with stoppage time comebacks? PRICELESS.
  • 03:04:25: @burning_phoneix Yeah.
  • 03:06:56: @burning_phoneix Because it's football. And the engine is enjoyable, if exploitable.
  • 03:07:11: @burning_phoneix That, and I REALLY don't want to play Tigger tonight. I hate it.
  • 03:11:24: @burning_phoneix I don't like it either. It's TERRIBLE for Tigger.
  • 03:32:16: @jlist Why would an actual Beatles fan be jealous that Yoko Ono did anything? Most fans I know of *HATE* her.
  • 03:36:34: @burning_phoneix Smart move! What I did was trade in FIFA '10. I used that to buy... something. I forget. But I remember it was good!
  • 03:54:48: @burning_phoneix You think it's much better in the US? They *JUST* opened up a Game Xchange in Orange, a 30min. drive. It won't last long.
  • 05:00:19: @burning_phoneix Game Xchange is kinda like that; the prices aren't optimal. I don't care; it's not Gamestop, that's all I care about.
  • 05:00:45: @Aitherion The sad thing is that Game Xchange isn't "independent". It's a chain that's just starting to go national.
  • 16:10:45: @TheGoalieGuild Is Emery confirmed as done?
  • 16:26:54: So Tony Hayward is at a yacht race. Big fuckin' deal. The man is a pariah for life. Let him have one fucking day of peace.
  • 22:38:49: How is it that Manute Bol - an amazing man - is dead at 47, yet broke, useless shitbags like Antoine Walker and Eddy Curry will live longer?
  • 22:40:49: @shizuoya 1) It's unenforceable; not every ISP is based in America. 2) It won't survive the Supreme Court. 3) That bill is DOA.
  • 22:41:30: @HeroicSuperman So you're going to watch your Halo movie on your Playstation 3? That's kinda meta.
  • 22:55:06: @skiptoalittle The same thing I do: either don't friend her, or filter the shit out of her. I wouldn't friend my mother, and other family...
  • 22:55:38: @skiptoalittle members have their own separate filters where my more... uh, acerbic opinions aren't put out.
  • 23:00:30: If I get hit while breaking up a fight, I think it's OK to anchor that person's arms with my knees while driving a forearm to his chin.
  • 23:06:53: My fiancee, @samarecarm, didn't understand a Steve Guttenberg reference. I feel like I'm robbing the cradle, and she's 24. Christ, I'm old.
  • 23:41:12: @Psymin1 Old news is old. XD

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