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From Twitter 06-20-2010

  • 01:45:06: @jlist To be fair, you're past 40; isn't the worst already over? #only30
  • 02:26:49: @jlist Technically, piracy is going to gain you a sale. Domin-8 Me is AWESOME, and I'm buying it.
  • 02:54:49: @twelveicings Which FL has the idiots, may I ask?
  • 02:58:12: @twelveicings Really, posting private pics of anyone is bad, hockey player or no, care-about or no. Sounds like they never grew up. :'(
  • 03:01:26: @twelveicings I notice most of the people left on LJ are like that, no matter what their interests are. It's why I don't bother with LJ...
  • 03:01:39: @twelveicings much anymore. People need to grow up. :(
  • 04:55:49: @twelveicings Is there a fandom out there that ISN'T batshit (or even yaoi-crazy)? These fandoms tend to draw the winners. :(
  • 04:59:23: @twelveicings Considering the audience for DMC... I don't blame you one bit. XD
  • 07:39:11: Well! Looks like Nicolas Anelka is at his usual coach killing self. What a piece of shit. http://es.pn/9hlc3c
  • 07:47:03: So while I stopped drinking soda, I've apparently become a fish, because I easily drink 2 litres of water a day. Maybe more.
  • 13:12:52: Well, THAT was an update I didn't want to see... #mets
  • 14:29:01: So... is it possible for the French Football Association to fire its manager before the third match? #disgrace #imlovingit #fuckfrance
  • 14:39:41: I have a championship final in two and a half hours... and my leg strength, on a 1-10 scale, are about a 3. I'm in trouble and I know it.
  • 14:42:10: @hatsuyuki That second goal was handball. #whoops
  • 14:44:46: Dear Memphis Grizzlies fans: I'm so, so sorry. To all six of you. http://bit.ly/dy91jW
  • 14:48:14: People who use video ads: I'm cool with 15 seconds of ads. 30's pushing it. 90 seconds? Congratulations, Viacom. You ruined The Daily Show.
  • 14:49:01: Does @SarahPalinUSA's pandering, Jesus whoring bullshit actually work on people? How many buy this pathetic act?
  • 14:50:28: @hatsuyuki It should have been a handball. He used his arm. But that third goal? Priceless.
  • 14:54:01: @hatsuyuki It's a forgiveable oversight; it was close enough to the shoulder. It's not like they made a phantom foul call on a goal... #fuck
  • 15:25:33: @hatsuyuki We (referees in all sports) need that kind of authority, though. If anything, to keep matches under control.
  • 15:29:56: Wipeout: for people with no regard to their dignity OR their health! We imported the one thing from Japan we DIDN'T need: their gameshows.
  • 19:16:08: @dmataconis what the hell is wrong with the other 47%!?
  • 20:59:53: @burning_phoneix Yes.

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