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From Twitter 06-21-2010

  • 04:47:39: @TheGoalieGuild That sounds like someone wrote the letter for Whitmore. And wait, when did Kay Whitmore become the authority?
  • 05:26:41: The new form-fitting rules are for one reason: Bettman wants high scoring games. There is no other reason, don't believe the BS.
  • 05:27:29: I cannot understate how much I hate Gary Bettman. He is doing this crap to appeal to stupid Americans who won't stick around anyway.
  • 05:37:39: @mrogersyahoo Your article on FIFA referees is the most irresponsible bit of tabloid journalism I've seen from an American in a long time.
  • 05:46:28: I'm starting to look good again in tight T-shirts. Next goal: look good without the T-shirt.
  • 06:04:28: It's ironic that @bryandanielson was let go for something that would be allowed if Linda wasn't running for senate. To hell with WWE.
  • 06:07:35: Could someone tell me what the hell Snoop Dogg has to do with the NHL? Why is he performing at the NHL Awards?
  • 06:27:57: Hey! So OnLive is realy a ripoff afterall! http://bit.ly/9u20xV And they also gave an argument for Net Neutrality: http://bit.ly/aIh9bO
  • 06:36:17: And I just thought that people who bought MW2's map packs were dumb. Imagine those that go for CoD subscriptions! http://bit.ly/987shB
  • 06:37:08: "Our customers are clamouring for a subscription service!" I don't know whether to be angry, or admit he's right. Their customers are dumb.
  • 06:40:04: Michael Patcher's a moron. http://bit.ly/dhMePO
  • 06:46:08: I can't stand the Tales series, but this sounds like bad news for @shizuoya http://bit.ly/cdMbBF
  • 06:48:22: @raywashere They both stole from Japanese gameshows, Spike's show moreso. Just add American obesity!
  • 06:49:53: You know how Rahm Emanuel once said you should never waste a good tragedy? The handling of BP's "escrow" fund is that line in action.
  • 07:01:21: Wow. Even by the XBox's horrible hardware standards, this is impressive (article's SFW, site's NSFW) http://bit.ly/9s3UAq
  • 08:20:58: 7-0? Those players are going to get killed. I'm serious, they're going to be executed by their criminal dictator. #PRK @noreally
  • 08:48:16: I still don't quite understand where "natural" rights begin and states' rights end. Looks like I have me some homework.
  • 09:33:29: @libertypapers I'm at that stage. "What are these angular lines below my che-- oh, those are my abs! I missed you guys!"
  • 10:10:45: Asking the corrupt, evil Nigerian govt. for protection is foolish. One bribe, and Sani Kaita is dead. http://es.pn/dC9YZg
  • 10:14:29: @dmataconis This will barely create any ripple. We smoked in banned spaces all the time. Only hard-ass captains will enforce this.
  • 10:21:14: @dmataconis they have designated spots, usually by purifiers. Even on ships where they allow smoking - like carriers - people would...
  • 10:21:43: @dmataconis smoke in deep ship spaces illegally. That's how my old ship (USS George Washington) caught fire.
  • 10:31:12: @sportsguy33 Ivory Coast: CIV
  • 10:59:33: @raywashere Yeah. Watch your ass. Baltimore is virtually destroyed at this point. It's horrid.
  • 11:02:35: Wimbledon! World Cup! It's a good day to be a fan of non-American sports!
  • 11:09:34: @PC_ROB That hasn't stopped interest in the NBA, though.
  • 18:09:05: @TheGoalieGuild Is Al Montoya even a prospect at this point?

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