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From Twitter 06-22-2010

  • 00:09:59: @TheGoalieGuild There's a draft article on ESPN.com that actually listed him as a bust. What do you think of that? http://es.pn/cUj116
  • 00:22:30: I've officially hit the last hole on my belt. I remember a time when I thought my current look was fat. Now, I feel good. How far I've come.
  • 00:32:55: I can't believe this piece of shit might end up being the Presidential nominee for my party. What a disgrace. http://bit.ly/du8HZF
  • 03:09:12: Ironically, before I saw this, I was wondering when Toews was going to get some commercial love. http://bit.ly/bRj2l1
  • 05:05:54: @the_pc_doc This article seems to be wishful thinking. If Microsoft is in trouble, it's over a decade down the road.
  • 05:08:04: @the_pc_doc And they're forgetting the power PC users, especially gamers and business types that are tied to Windows. They're not leaving.
  • 05:34:59: @the_pc_doc Here's the question: can they? The company is antonymous with "nimble". Everything they do comes off as clumsy to everyone.
  • 05:36:38: @the_pc_doc I think they need a change at the top - get rid of Balmer - and a serious image shake-up that people take seriously. And now.
  • 05:37:26: RT @GIBiz: Activision: "we can probably do better in the way we communicate." http://bit.ly/c90WkZ (Ya fuckin' think, Tommy?)
  • 07:24:00: @dmataconis That general needs to go. That's morale suicide, I don't care what you think of the President or his people.
  • 07:30:06: @emuparadise Bleh... that sounds like an AWESOME idea, but I review too many iPhone games. I need mine to be legit.
  • 07:32:47: @emuparadise I'm fairly sure that the iPhone can be bricked if used to connect to iTunes. And I receive games via codes from companies.
  • 08:08:47: So Gen. McChrystal is the same guy that covered up Pat Tillman's death. I wonder if he was the one that lied about Jessica Lynch, too.
  • 08:39:02: @dmataconis Douglas MacArthur has a section of Norfolk dedicated to him. I highly doubt McChrystal will have that.
  • 08:44:06: @dmataconis Agreed. MacArthur was a real general. This guy's a hack in desert camouflage.
  • 09:22:21: @dmataconis Sounds like a classic case of "be careful what you wish for".
  • 09:23:07: Hang your heads, France. You're losing to South Africa, and not even with pride. Of course, you're French, so it makes sense.
  • 09:38:07: RT @SPBowley: You're, uh, you're ...um... You're not good. #fra #worldcup
  • 09:43:22: Don't even come out for the second half, guys. You're all pathetic, to a man. #fra
  • 09:45:26: Uruguay has scored against Mexico. Uh oh. #uru #mex #worldcup
  • 09:47:14: Even the linesman is telling you to get up, you wuss. What cowards. #fra
  • 09:53:13: "People love to talk, I prefer to drive" And strip, Danica. Can't forget stripping for commercial opportunities.
  • 23:44:37: I didn't think Texas could get more nuts. I was wrong. http://bit.ly/dA7abb
  • 23:48:13: Read that prior article I linked. We'll play a game I like to call "find all the unconstitutional items".
  • 23:49:24: @TheGoalieGuild I spoke to Dunham a few times in (AHL) Bridgeport's practice facility. He's a cool guy. He needs to get the hell out of LI.
  • 23:58:50: The cool thing about a GOP that wants to turn us into a theocracy? They also believe in the 2nd Amendment. Let's see how bad you want it.

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Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:28 pm (UTC)
Now, just how did I know when I saw "Re-criminalize so..." in my tab after I'd opened that link that the last few letters were going to be "domy"?

Seriously, guys, on that point alone, good luck. Maybe you could re-criminalize anal (though with the number of heterosexuals who like it, welllll....), but oral? Forget it, man.

As for the rest of the article, it's...kind of too horrifying to comment on. Dear god.
Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
Sodomy laws have never been aimed at heterosexuals anyway. They've been like any kind of social law: selectively enforceable whenever they want something to nail someone on that they don't like. They're not going to go on raids inside random houses to make sure everyone's fucking in the missionary position; it's more like "well, we caught a prostitute giving services to a client, and one of them was a blowjob; let's tack on the sodomy charge as well". They can almost always nail gays and lesbians on sodomy charges - it's physically impossible to have sex without violating the law - which is why they want to recriminalize it.

There's only one problem that the GOP - and the Jesus freaks they're appealing to - forgets: most of these laws, including that sodomy law, have been struck down by the Supreme Court. So most of this new agenda is impossible to enforce right off the bad; sodomy has been decriminalized by the Supreme Court, and "states' rights" don't matter after that, as have a lot of the things that they want to do, such as making homosexual marriages approved in other states a felony. Those laws would get waxed by even a conservative SCOTUS.

Of course, that doesn't matter in Texas, a state that blindly checks "Republican" on all their ballots. Essentially, as long as they find a few driving issues, they'll stay in power. Even if this goes too far for a lot of Texans - and I think it will - it's never going to be enough for Texans to check off a Democrat in elections.
Jun. 23rd, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
Point. Silly me for thinking this would be enforced across the board. While I'm sure that there are a number of fundies who'd like to put a stop to any kind of non-procreative missionary-position sex, most of 'em will just wanna stick it to the people they don't like.

*nod* Yeah, of course. It's like Arizona's new immigration laws; I have no idea how they're supposed to stand up to any legal scrutiny, but there they are all the same....

By the way, I forgot to mention this morning when I was commenting--congrats on getting so far into shape! ♥
Jun. 24th, 2010 06:14 am (UTC)
Well, I'm not "in" shape yet. "In" shape is what I was during the 2002 deployment: a *SOLID* 215, with abs and muscle definition. Now, I'm just an improving 240-ish. That's better than where I was last year - in the 270 range - but I'm getting there. But you should probably be glad, because if I ever did get back in Navy shape, I would probably be posting beefcake shots all over my LJ and making people nuts. XD
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