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From Twitter 06-23-2010

  • 00:09:27: @JPosnanski Jason Kendall still has a job?
  • 00:50:47: So I've learned that fruit punch "Revive" Vitamin Water makes me violently, uncontrollably sick. That's bad, that's my post workout drink.
  • 00:51:02: @revolver_ Stop making me jealous. >:[
  • 00:51:37: @KeithOlbermann That link's a 404.
  • 00:54:23: @KeithOlbermann It was a TweetDeck problem. Sorry about that.
  • 00:57:35: @revolver_ You're trying to get me in trouble, aren't you. XD
  • 01:12:58: @revolver_ Careful what you wish for, kid. I've got 13 years of experience behind me. XD
  • 01:17:44: On the day The Two Escobars comes out, Nigeria gets bounced from the World Cup. I fear for Keita's life. I really do.
  • 01:18:11: For those saying that Keita can just go to Europe instead, remember he's on loan in Russia, itself a corrupt country. Someone will kill him.
  • 01:24:23: @burning_phoneix No, Fenix. He's going to die. Someone in Nigeria is going to put a price on his head. I hope I'm wrong.
  • 01:41:45: @burning_phoneix Yes, but did they have one person responsible for it in the past? This guy literally cost them the Greece match.
  • 01:51:10: A sign that great minds think alike: @jperlow explains why I didn't bother with the Nook. http://bit.ly/a63FcB
  • 02:55:08: Miley Cyrus's newfound direction puzzles me for one reason: when did "growing up" become synonymous with "looking like a corner whore"?
  • 03:03:18: @twelveicings I guess they can't all be Taylor Swift. But that girl (Miley) needs new agents. This reeks of "I hate my parents".
  • 03:05:57: @twelveicings Hey, I love my mother, too. That doesn't mean I didn't hit adulthood dick-first. XD
  • 03:06:35: @twelveicings Their image is so homogenized that it seems to be a natural reaction to destroy the typecast. I guess it has advantages.
  • 03:06:56: @twelveicings The least of which is wanking material to closet paedophiles who have "countdown to when we can fuck __________" counters.
  • 05:04:56: Here's a question for my hockey peeps that I've been debating... who was better: Mike Richter or Mike Vernon?
  • 05:42:10: Firefox is integrated into the OS in Ubuntu 10.04, but yet Google Chrome outperforms it in every facet. Get it together, Mozilla.
  • 05:59:40: Have I mentioned that Wayne Allyn Root (and Bob Barr before him) are Republicans in Libertarian clothing? http://bit.ly/9A8vTj
  • 06:13:51: @the_pc_doc You're in England, right? Your mates must be insufferably tense.
  • 06:28:02: @the_pc_doc "Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."
  • 06:46:48: Playstation Network Wrap-Up for June 22nd, 2010: I decided to take last week off, partly because of E3, and partly... http://bit.ly/b9vx38
  • 07:41:43: @dmataconis If he doesn't go, Obama has lost his entire chain of command. It's as simple as that.
  • 08:08:46: @dmataconis Here's a question for you: what does James Joyner - an officer (I hate officers...) - think of this?
  • 08:12:56: @chadfordinsider Yes! I was waiting for you two to go hammer and tongs like the old days.
  • 08:27:32: RT @Gartenberg: Annoying trend. Devs charging triple price for an "optimized" iPad app with no new features other than not pixelized at ...
  • 08:29:08: @Jim_Sterling That doesn't sound like iTunes, that sounds like either USB drivers or a program conflict (like I have with Air in Linux)
  • 08:34:17: @Jim_Sterling What was it, incidentally?
  • 08:43:26: RT @hesster56: Droid X. Sworn to protect a world that hates and fears it.
  • 09:06:25: @Jim_Sterling To be fair, it's not as bad as some have said. But it's not good (just got it via Gamefly. 6th in my queue. Fuck Gamefly)
  • 09:25:07: @raywashere Right call. JUST offsides.
  • 09:31:32: Controversial offsides, blown goal call by a Malian referee, and to top it off, England is winning... this is a BAD thing.
  • 09:34:33: The Americans are playing some amazing football... they just need to pocket yet another goal. Get one more, guys.
  • 09:47:21: Times like this are why I have two TVs connected to the dish: both matches on both TVs. I love technology.
  • 10:02:10: We have ot root for a US win here. The US won't go through if they tie, England is dominating Slovenia.
  • 10:23:57: Why couldn't England have stuck with Robert Green in net?
  • 10:38:52: Damarcus Beasley? Looks like the Americans are going all or nothing.
  • 10:39:32: RT @sportsguy33: Congrats to Algeria for playing for a tie when it needs to win by 2+ goals to have a chance to advance. Ballsy effort b ...
  • 11:05:56: @Psymin1 Single elimination, we get 2nd place in group D. Watch the 2:30 games, it could be any of those four teams.
  • 11:14:45: For once, I'm speechless. #usa
  • 11:32:16: @revolver_ Lord knows I didn't count. XD
  • 11:32:36: Wow, so I guess I passed 10,000 tweets without even knowing it. Yay me?
  • 11:47:49: BTW, if the football action wasn't enough? The longest tennis match in history is currently running, as we speak. 33-32 in the 5th.

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