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From Twitter 06-25-2010

  • 00:42:55: Fuck you, Squeenix. http://bit.ly/9erhmH
  • 00:44:27: ... Then again? Maybe Squeenix isn't ALL bad. Just... mostly bad. Oh, and fuck you twice, Microsoft. http://bit.ly/ciL6nm
  • 00:46:11: I'll give everyone three guesses as to who the first company that came up in my mind was on this rumour. http://bit.ly/bTZU3p
  • 01:14:10: @revolver_ the whole POINT of being naked is to do stupid things. XD
  • 01:28:11: @burning_phoneix Try this instead: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3180091
  • 01:28:33: @burning_phoneix tl;dr: Microsoft simply WILL NOT allow anything on Live if they're not the ones getting paid. I hate Microsoft.
  • 01:33:49: @burning_phoneix Right. They were going to charge for free updates. And they hated the PS3, too (funny, now the PS3 is getting Steam)
  • 03:41:06: I favorited a YouTube video -- The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep http://youtu.be/HwT9ltDBG14?a
  • 03:47:12: Xbox LIVE Wrap-Up for June 24th, 2010: As I mentioned in this week’s Playstation wrap-up, I took last week off for... http://bit.ly/dvahRs
  • 03:50:19: Only Apple could have the audacity to tell people that waited 12 hours overnight for their phone that reception problems are their fault.
  • 03:54:20: @the_pc_doc Nonsense. Never underestimate an Apple early adopter. They would commit hari-kari if Jobs told them to.
  • 13:17:29: Dave Weigel saying Matt Drudge should light himself on fire is fireable? I say he's reporting the facts!
  • 14:07:44: @burning_phoneix Their actual, literal response to the antennae issues: "Don't hold the phone that way". Or buy a case.
  • 14:14:55: @dmataconis It's easy: if you are of the thought that peeking at the paper is "stealing", you're a bad manager. Good luck hiring good people
  • 14:28:00: @dmataconis Will we ever find out who the hell leaked Dave's email? And ensure they never work again?
  • 14:28:43: All I'm saying is that if Matt Drudge wrote about video games, he'd be writing for Dualshockers. He's a pathetic hack.
  • 14:30:13: Looks like @edropple got his wish: Mark Recchi resigns with Boston. http://bit.ly/bTFs2e
  • 14:34:25: Can we please put Pat Burns in the Hockey Hall of Fame before we have to do it posthumously? Who the fuck is Doc Seaman, anyway?
  • 14:39:53: This liberal vs. conservative, us vs. them nonsense being propagated by the media and others with a financial stake are ruining this country
  • 14:54:55: Toronto residents say G20 is a massive headache and not worth it. I say... you live in Toronto! You are what you are. http://bit.ly/b8LYLr
  • 15:09:30: An industry-friendly investment firm has a "study" that says used games (not the recession) slow new sales. Shocker. http://bit.ly/aTO4Ze
  • 15:10:40: Oh, fuck you, EA. Just tell us the truth: Project Ten Dollar is to fight the used market. You're not "improving" shit. http://bit.ly/a48A7s
  • 15:26:36: The big deal about the Dave Weigel story is bigger than Dave: "journalists" are killing privacy and ethics in exchange for extra clicks.
  • 15:28:46: This is why some pathetic piece of shit can have a (paid, of course) talk called "Privacy is Dead: Deal With It!", and actually make money.
  • 15:29:38: All this is doing is forcing people to hold anything remotely disagreeable inside. It builds up. Makes us sick. Eventually... we vomit.
  • 15:31:49: Hey, a new Goldeneye game! I liked Goldeneye! I wonder if it will be go-- oh. Activision. Oh well, $50 saved.
  • 15:32:58: I'm honestly, seriously considering letting my LIVE Gold membership expire, and exclusively going online with the PS3. Thoughts?
  • 15:36:00: Dear blog commenters: calling someone a "partisan hack", then whining about "lefties" destroys your credibility. What little you had.
  • 16:00:54: @maddow Please don't give that harpy Taitz any more publicity than necessary. Between you and @keitholbermann, you two just feed the beast.
  • 16:36:01: This is weird: I don't have any games to review for the next few days. I might actually get... *gasp* a weekend.
  • 16:36:50: Star Ocean International is at Gamestop for $40 now. I know I shouldn't, but I'm tempted. This is what JRPGs do to me.
  • 16:48:51: @EASPORTSNHL Hall's ready right now; he could go 79 with A- pot. Seguin's not as dynamic, maybe mid-70s with B to A-.
  • 16:54:05: Oh, should I mark Michael Jackson's death? Would it be wrong to do so with a party? #paedophile
  • 16:56:28: @EASPORTSNHL Hall: 79, A- Seguin: 76, B (assuming you don't fix the potential system)
  • 17:14:23: @dekunda linky?
  • 17:20:04: @dekunda I can defend two of those. Tony Hawk has been revolutionary for games. And Homer Simpson had some huge games, including arcade.
  • 17:24:25: @sportsguy33 Hall is better than Neely. Seguin will be a very good centre. Hall has HOF potential.
  • 17:26:20: @dekunda How are they defining characters? Story? Importance?
  • 17:31:31: @dekunda Shadow? 11? I have a feeling they did what anyone does with Top XX lists: "You'll hate us, but we'll take your clicks gladly"
  • 17:31:51: @dekunda It should be noted that DHGF does not allow top XX lists. :D
  • 17:36:43: @dekunda It's photogenic to today's audience. Blame today's audience for allowing that shit to happen. :(
  • 17:44:39: @mcuban Now... would your scouts have held that against him? The first senior went at 23 in this draft. That's a trend.
  • 20:36:42: Keith Ballard is a Canuck. This sucks.
  • 20:44:36: @twelveicings No. XD
  • 20:44:55: @twelveicings I meant to leave the RT out, but figured you'd get the joke. XD
  • 21:02:15: If Edwin Jackson pitched for the Yankees, he would have been yanked after six innings for hitting his pitch count limit.
  • 21:45:34: @twelveicings I can tolerate that. Grabner wasn't developing that well.
  • 21:46:13: RT @cjd11: @keithlaw 149 pitches! what are the odds that Nolan Ryan is immediately making trade offers?
  • 22:08:23: @twelveicings We needed defence. Grabner isn't a top prospect, and we already have the rich man's Bernier (Kesler).

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