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From Twitter 06-26-2010

  • 09:47:12: I'm really getting annoyed that everytime I run Tweetdeck, it takes out things like my iPhone. Lot of conflicts with Ubuntu.
  • 09:55:20: RT @billmaher: I know its mostly kids but anyone so idle and lame to camp out for a phone or a movie shld be used to stop up the oil well
  • 10:04:09: @adulau @the_pc_doc Am I the only person that looks at this and notices they took all choice away from the end user? Like, ANY choice?
  • 10:06:44: The changes in Apple's TOS make me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. http://bit.ly/9eSO2l
  • 10:15:31: Why did I agree to referee hockey starting at 3? Oh yeah, because I'm a fucking idiot. #usa
  • 10:17:26: I just think, if we're going to constantly remember Michael Jackson, then we need to constantly remember Gary Glitter when he goes, too.
  • 10:21:26: In honour of Orly Taitz's insanity, I'm going to call myself a Libetarian the rest of the day. #kookybitch
  • 10:25:16: @KeithOlbermann At least Beck admits occasionally that he's wasting our time.
  • 10:30:31: RT @PlayStation: Final Fantasy XIV beta looking better and better and better...: http://bit.ly/91R8k5 (Says the beneficiary of MS's idiocy)
  • 10:34:09: I love people that write fanfiction. They talk about writing kinky sex, but never have the heart or will to practice what they preach.
  • 10:45:03: I miss Derby Day. I miss @usa vs. @gha. But hey, I get to referee high school kids for eight hours. Damn, I'm dumb.
  • 10:55:23: Gotta waste DVR space on the USA vs. Ghana match, because it's on ABC and ESPN3 won't have a replay. Well, damn.
  • 11:57:52: @twelveicings It's funny, because I could tell she was uncomfortable when I said "hey, been there! Here's what I like!" I mean... XD
  • 11:58:01: @skiptoalittle :(
  • 12:07:33: @ValleyIndy ... Can we tell her "thanks, but no thanks, now leave"?
  • 12:08:28: @ErikaS981 They always are. Dive in head first. It's scary until you're involved. Then, you're too busy to notice.
  • 12:37:17: @hatsuyuki I admit it: i don't get the mindset. I feel that to know something well enough to write about it, you have to do it.
  • 12:38:10: @collegepolitico What are the numbers farther back? Like, to '94, when the Republican congress took over? I think it's cyclical.
  • 12:43:17: @SPBowley It's going to be very hard to avoid the internet and my phone until 10PM when I can watch this game. #ihatehockey
  • 12:47:43: @collegepolitico Not nearly a large enough sample size. Considering the policies of each side, I don't think that's a large enough sample.
  • 12:47:58: @collegepolitico Mind you, I say that as a Libertarian; I don't have a horse in that race.
  • 12:48:57: @raywashere Let me reiterate: I FUCKING HATE HOCKEY. I have to go to NIP for someone who thinks I'm not good enough a skater for NIHOA.
  • 12:51:24: @sportsguy33 Even better: Watch that with the Vuvuzela button on.
  • 12:54:52: @twelveicings This game is that big a deal. And I have to miss it. >:[
  • 12:57:09: @twelveicings To be fair, Canada needs something to root for. They got bombed in 3rd round qualifying. XD
  • 13:08:37: @twelveicings Are you SERIOUSLY going to root for an African nation? XD
  • 13:14:13: @hatsuyuki I'm not an artists, but there are a lot of subtlties in terms of what's giong on during sex that I think virgins aren't privy to.
  • 13:15:58: @twelveicings STILL with the inferiority complex? D:
  • 13:18:56: @twelveicings My question is: who else would they root for? You root for the Dutch, that's understandable. Everyone else? I think it's petty
  • 13:19:17: @twelveicings "WE'RE not in, so FUCK THE AMERICANS! WAAH!" I don't understand that logic, never will.
  • 13:21:29: The LAST thing that would make me want to go to USA vs. Sweden (women's) is Hope Solo acting like a stuck-up cunt in a commercial.
  • 20:54:38: @raywashere the scuttlebutt I heard was they didn't like my skating. But they took worse skaters, so I call bullshit.
  • 20:56:34: I don't know what's worse: the #usa loss, or the sight of everyone in the country breaking their necks jumping off the football bandwagon.
  • 21:03:54: Guys. The G20 protesters are not leftists. They are anarchists. Clueless, stupid ones at that.
  • 22:36:25: There's nothing like the feeling of breaking in skates while reffing games. #ow
  • 22:47:10: @Jim_Sterling Who's the coolest industry rep you've met? I need to meet more of them, but the Southpeak chick's awesome.
  • 23:07:48: So am I the only person that DIDN'T make it to Derby Day?
  • 23:19:11: Actraiser might be the most underrated game from the SNES era. How amazing that this was a launch title.
  • 23:23:31: @hatsuyuki Not really. The emotions are hightened, especially when you're in that rhythm where you seemingly become one with your partner.
  • 23:23:53: @hatsuyuki I can see it being easier to get it as an artist than a writer, though. Writers have NO clue if they haven't done it.
  • 23:24:14: @hatsuyuki The ironic thing there is that most of the writers I know are just that: virgins going off of hearsay. It makes me giggle a bit.
  • 23:37:40: @KeithOlbermann Following Beck is like watching a train wreck. You can't look away. Palin is a train wreck ordained by God.
  • 23:45:24: @burning_phoneix ... Armoured Handegg. I have to remember that one. PS, fuck you. >:[

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