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From Twitter 06-27-2010

  • 01:10:28: @Samarecarm ... Are you sure we can marry? XD
  • 09:01:08: @dmataconis That's something I would expect out of Beelzebub.
  • 09:02:58: All three of my regular internatoinal teams - Canada, USA, Wales - are watching from here on. Go England. I guess.
  • 09:08:04: England might be the best team in the last 1/3 in football. Their build up is awesome. (All my American friends just tuned out)
  • 09:11:51: So after all this bullshit, KEVIN FUCKIN' COSTNER might be the person that saves the Gulf? Really!? Hang your heads, everyone else involved.
  • 09:16:11: What's next? Ben Affleck solves the crisis with Israel and Palestine? Robert Pattinson negotiates a peace between the US and Iran?
  • 09:17:53: Every time Wayne Rooney misses a pass, I imagine him becoming a trailer park loser like in his Nike ad.
  • 09:20:46: The one thing England COULD NOT afford was to go down early to Germany. They've done that. #gameover
  • 09:21:34: And where the hell was John Terry? Was he looking for another WAG to shag?
  • 09:24:42: What's that I hear? It's casual football fans waking up and realizing that Miroslav Klose is REALLY fucking good. He ate Upson for lunch.
  • 09:29:46: To be fair, it would be better to lose to Germany than Ghana. Ghana can't even feed its people, yet they're a quarterfinal World Cup team?
  • 09:31:50: I didn't know America's back four were playing for England today. This is where a team REALLY misses Rio Ferdinand.
  • 09:33:53: Can someone just shoot Matthew Upson?
  • 09:40:57: Every English citizen just joined the "GET SOME FUCKING REPLAY IN HERE!!!!!!" debate.
  • 09:44:33: Hate to say it... but ice hockey has goal judges; humans behind every goal. What the hell is taking football so long? #eng #ger
  • 09:48:11: They just showed Mick Jagger, who still performs despite having albums olderthan England's last World Cup win in '66.
  • 09:53:09: We don't even need goalline technology. We need a person in back of the goals. That's it! That's all the technology we need! Two people!
  • 10:00:05: RT @libertypapers: I say the ref who missed the #eng goal should face trial. Maybe in Nuremberg? #justfollowingorders
  • 10:04:42: @SPBowley About what you would expect for a group that is on record as saying everything's fine.
  • 10:05:39: "We can't use goalline technology! It's unreliable! Hold on, let me stop my new Walkman first"
  • 10:06:29: Fun fact: when Googling Sepp Blatter, "Sepp Blatter Idiot" is the first thing that shows up in Chrome.
  • 10:08:19: Let me remind everyone that Sepp Blatter's reign as head of FIFA has been marked by corruption and favouritism. #justsaying
  • 10:09:45: England has hit three bars now, including one that was a goal.
  • 10:16:12: Seriously, just start with Sepp Blatter's Wikipedia article. This is a horrible person that actively hurts football. http://bit.ly/aaZDK0
  • 10:23:19: Hey Linesman! Did you see THAT one?
  • 10:25:20: On the one hand, that was Lampard's bad because he didn't mark the trailer. On the other, god on him to get back.
  • 10:26:30: Lost in all the mess of this match: This has been an amazing match for the neutrals. Speaking of, 4-1.
  • 10:27:28: That was the kind of goal you'd see while playing Pro Evolution online. A lucky clear fell right onto the wing's foot.
  • 10:27:58: Jermaine Defoe out, Emil Heskey in. Are England conceding?
  • 10:29:09: One could say that this match would be totally different had the Lampard kick counted. I say you cannot give up 4 goals in a World Cup match
  • 10:33:23: Sad fact: Emil Heskey (ST) is defending better than England's back four. #eng
  • 10:34:59: England would have lost this game with or without Lampard's goal. You cannot defend this poorly and have a chance.
  • 10:37:09: Wayne Rooney should sue Fabio Cappello for coaching malpractice. If there was ever a time to put Rooney all the way up, this is it.
  • 10:37:54: @sportsguy33 Rooney's doing his job well. He's being misused. A Centre Forward leads the play on. He needs to be a striker.
  • 10:43:18: @dmataconis Brilliant! If the entire world is in debt, then our debt has to be forgiven! Change we can believe in!
  • 10:47:40: @Buster_ESPN Why has Buck been out of managing for so long? Just comfortable at ESPN?
  • 10:48:11: Look at the bright side: John Terry's likely going home to some amazing nookie. He's just not sure who's wife it's with yet. #eng
  • 10:50:12: Blur is $30 at Amazon. Too bad it's an Activision game. Though at that price for an Activision game, it looks to have bombed. Good.
  • 11:06:03: @dmataconis @dmataconis That's OK, it's worth it. We're defending American freedom. Oh, wait...
  • 11:06:56: @Samarecarm Yes, but how often have you had to watch hockey? XD
  • 11:25:58: @Psymin1 I would have said going in that the favourites were Spain and Brazil. I picked Spain.
  • 11:29:46: England will never be an A tier football power until they fix their domestic leagues. Due to the money, that will never happen.
  • 11:32:19: @Psymin1 Yep. Brazil gets Chile, who will be game but will fall. Spain's in trouble; they got a DANGEROUS Portugal team.
  • 11:53:57: @WorldCuppaJoe Then how does that explain England having the momentum for the first 20 minutes of the second half? Their defence lost.
  • 16:02:10: Good day at the smaller game shop in Orange. Trading Tiger Woods in got me NBA 2K10 (PS3, good price) + Atari Anthology (PS2)
  • 16:03:41: It should be noted that the $12 Atari Anthology is better than the $who-the-fuck-knows-how-much XBox Game Room. Go to your room, Microsoft.
  • 16:14:53: If there's one thing we've confirmed beyond a doubt this week: Tucker Carlson is a gutless, cowardly, deceitful piece of shit.
  • 16:24:29: @cnsteltenp How much money does it take to put two minor officials behind the nets? 1,000€ per match? For a federation rolling in it?
  • 16:28:28: RT @dmataconis: RT @TimOwensby: Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on the dinner menu. Liberty is a well armed sheep nullifying ...

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