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From Twitter 06-28-2010

  • 02:58:56: RT @jsmooth995: what i learned watching the BET Awards: apparently Chris Brown is completely redeemed, and Guru is completely forgotten.
  • 03:00:21: @TheGoalieGuild "Super long ago"? Weak! I rocked out to Badmotorfinger a few days ago! Remember when Seattle brought out GOOD groups?
  • 03:31:38: I love 50 minute naps that turn into 7 hours ones.
  • 03:36:20: But, since waking up, I have gotten a half star team in FIFA World Cup 2010 to a qualification playoff! Can the plucky Fijians beat Iran?
  • 04:28:08: @cnsteltenp My only problem with using existing cameras: what about for really small countries (Oceanic) that might not show games on TV?
  • 04:28:58: One bad thing about local game store: the people. Every negative stereotype you can think of about game retail people, they check them.
  • 04:29:41: Completely allergic to personal interaction? Check. Doubtful hygiene and greasy hair? Check. Not knowledgeable about their product? Check.
  • 04:57:21: You know what the sad thing is? I was able to trade in Tiger Woods for $35. Someone will buy it for $55, and have to pay $10 more.
  • 06:19:39: I love that a six year old is on the No Fly List. Thanks to the Keystone Kops at Homeland, we're building libertarians nice and early.
  • 06:20:20: At six years old, they don't know what Al Qaeda is. That girl probably thinks Al Qaeda is a character in Dora the Explorer.
  • 06:32:00: Have I mentioned that I will be working in a roller rink with no ventilation tonight? On the most hot and humid day of the year? Yeah. #fuck
  • 06:54:51: #sbnet Money Can’t Buy (International) Trophies: As I write this, England’s national football team has been smoked... http://bit.ly/dCm6CV
  • 06:55:08: Took a break from writing about video games to write about... football. @burning_phoneix and @cnsteltenp will enjoy. http://bit.ly/1CyhSP
  • 06:59:51: 2010 FIFA World Cup is extremely realistic! The officiating has gone to shit in the biggest game of Fiji's existence!
  • 07:11:28: @dmataconis Wait, I thought the third in line was Pelosi? Or do I have my numbers confused.
  • 07:13:23: @dmataconis I got my numbers confused in my head. I counted the actual President, too.
  • 07:22:19: Just like real life. Shitty refereeing combined with FIFA's rugby tackling engine might cost me the World Cup qualifying.
  • 07:24:04: On the positive side, I don't give up any goals via the run of play. On the negative side, free kicks kill me. I hate this shit.
  • 07:26:32: RT @hesster56: As one, nation of Ghana gets out of bed, falls over, and refuses to move until stretchers from neighboring Togo arrive #w ...
  • 07:30:43: I fucking hate Penalty kicks. Especially with the lesser side when I know I should have won. #notoveryet
  • 07:33:25: Winning on penalties is like winning while drawing straws. But I got a half star team to Africa, so it's good.
  • 07:35:22: ... So naturally, I get greeted with a Group of Death that would make North Korea sympathetic: Italy, Nigeria, Sweden. #nopointscoming
  • 08:15:49: Leave it to the New York Post to disgrace our football team. They should sell that rag next to the Enquirer. http://bit.ly/dcRDa7
  • 08:37:11: @burning_phoneix Of course. Whatever moves copy to stupid, ignorant, fat Americans.
  • 09:10:28: @dmataconis I'm shocked it was 5-4. The ban was a clear 2nd amendment violation.
  • 09:11:10: "Hey FIFA! Fix your officiating, there's lots of mistakes!" "OK! We're going to ban replays! Don't hurt their feelings! http://es.pn/bonAee
  • 09:19:14: @Jim_Sterling I think that depends on perspective. Big titles, no. But niche/Japanese stuff? It's actually pretty good.
  • 09:21:22: ANOTHER accident on Pink House Cove. This is getting ridiculous. I think that wall needs to come down, no one can see around that curve.
  • 09:47:13: @keithlaw Seconded on Little Tokyo. That place is terrible. Try Kanki next time you're up there; great Japanese steak.
  • 10:19:12: @twelveicings I'll send you texts as things happen. <3
  • 10:30:50: @burning_phoneix The timing is horrible. They should have enforced that earlier. They're not even talking about the blown offsides call.
  • 11:03:03: @Psymin1 The officials CANNOT turn their decision based on replays at the stadium. They're not allowed. So it's massively counterproductive.
  • 11:08:04: @burning_phoneix I agree. But FIFA still isn't handling the biggest problem: incompetence and lack of assistance.
  • 11:12:31: @burning_phoneix That was a BAD offside call. I would say it's worse than the English no-goal.
  • 11:17:31: @TheGoalieGuild Is Turco even an elite goaltender anymore?
  • 11:30:40: @TheGoalieGuild He's 35; his focus will never improve much, but his skills are going to depreciate. I wouldn't offer him more than $2m.
  • 11:35:13: @TheGoalieGuild I wouldn't mention Dubielewicz in that group. I love Dubie, but he's really not an NHL calibre goaltender.
  • 11:39:59: My goal in life is to be famous enough to be a "Verified Account" on Twitter.
  • 12:03:16: @burning_phoneix I can at least defend the England goal: the linesman was blocked by the post, the referee by the goalkeeper.
  • 12:03:53: @burning_phoneix Wrong. Hockey uses 1-2 referees. Linesmen have no penalty-calling authority.
  • 12:48:18: RT @NBCConnecticut: Severe Thunderstorm watch posted for entire state. http://bit.ly/bK0hYb (Thank GOD)
  • 12:48:53: @burning_phoneix Football linesmen can put their flags up and say "hey, here's a foul!". Hockey linesmen don't even do that.
  • 12:49:18: @burning_phoneix There's also usually a clear demarcation between hockey refs and linesmen. High level hockey, I'm a linesman.
  • 13:40:09: @DanaTaggart In what sense? I'm confused as to what you mean here.
  • 13:45:26: @DanaTaggart It just goes back to what we've been saying all along: fear BOTH the Rs and the Ds. But it says something that...
  • 13:45:46: @DanaTaggart I'm not really sure about the Disclose Act. Sounds like I got some reading to do.
  • 13:53:48: @the_pc_doc Isn't that where Apple is rumoured to be going with iOS?
  • 14:19:37: @TheGoalieGuild Don't you think an ego HELPS in Philly, a place that eats goaltenders?
  • 23:21:22: RT @ErnieFowlke: RT @Dave_Champion: Do you realize we're 1 heart attack, 1 brain tumor, 1 fatal crash away from a 5-4 decision AGAINST y ...
  • 23:22:24: @sportsguy33 Wait, I thought you couldn't dog on other media people because the Mouse said so?
  • 23:25:53: @dekunda So if people crack the game's DRM, does that make it rape?
  • 23:43:25: I'm glad that people are figuring out that we were one swing vote away from SCOTUS killing the 2nd Amendment.
  • 23:44:09: ... No, bitch. The Constitution cannot be fucking "stretched". #elenakagen

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