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From Twitter 06-30-2010

  • 08:59:58: There's nothing quite as depressing as waking up and realizing there's no football on this morning. :(
  • 09:03:55: RT @BreakingNews: E.U. fines 17 steel producers $635 million for running a price-fixing cartel for 18 years http://bit.ly/97xhwm (Holy SHIT)
  • 09:10:38: It's one thing to fight two illegal wars. It's another to re-institute the draft and force young people to fuel those wars. Shame, @JoeNBC
  • 10:57:53: Mike Tyson's on Twitter? Five dollar bet says he doesn't type his own tweets. Can he even type?
  • 11:54:07: Apple's finally done it: they've created the ultimate smartphone. It does everything except allows you to make phone calls. #applehatesyou
  • 12:49:27: I think in about an hour, I'm about to be kicked out of the Cool Game Journalists club. That's what happens for kicking IGN.
  • 13:45:26: And, there we go! My latest PSN wrap-up is up, and with it, the elimination of any chance I have of being hired at IGN!
  • 13:46:06: Playstation Network/Firmware Update Wrap-Up for June 29th, 2010: Last week seems like it was so long ago. Way back... http://bit.ly/d7zBxH
  • 14:25:58: I'd like to know what my industry peeps think of my last PSN update. LOTS of information, as well as a beat-down.
  • 14:41:15: RT @ValleyIndy: Crash, Route 188 and Route 34, Seymour. #cttraffic (What is it about Rt. 34 lately!?)
  • 15:38:08: I'm not a comic book guy, but I actually really like the new Wonder Woman costume.
  • 15:52:44: RT @libertyideals: Journalist: Toronto Police Sexually Molested Women At G20 #libertarian http://bit.ly/9GyFCj (What a crock of shit)
  • 16:41:22: I'm a professional, and I didn't even know what Microsoft Kin was. That should say something.
  • 16:43:04: Once again, Microsoft tried to be "cool". Once again, it failed spectacularly. And customers that did buy it are left w/ worthless kit.
  • 18:14:00: World Cup '10 makes no sense. "What a disaster! They're out of the World Cup!" I JUST FUCKIN' DREW ITALY WITH FIJI, 1-1! I'll take it!

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