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From Twitter 07-01-2010

  • 00:03:08: Wait. Mike Miller? We were told to wait for LeBron, and now I'm being told that we're meeting with Joe Johnson and Mike Fuckin' Miller?!
  • 10:05:39: CANADA DAY, FUCKERS! I will proceed to... not do shit. #livinginamerica
  • 11:11:49: So the Tea Parties - ostensibly Libertarian-leaning - were at Busch Stadium to show support for AZ's immigration law. #hypocrites #notalib
  • 11:25:29: Why does anyone even employ Ian O'Connor? Can I get a job making grandiose statements for a living, too? http://es.pn/b4srWz
  • 11:36:37: Today separates the haves from the have-nots in the NBA. Minnesota (two shitty Euro centres) + Atlanta (max for Johnson) are in the latter.
  • 11:37:01: The only thing I'm glad about as a Knicks fan is that no matter how bad it is, David Kahn isn't running my team. I'd rather have Isiah.
  • 15:35:19: That smoke cloud we see over British Columbia? @twelveicings exploding. Hemskey and Jokinen to CGY? Really, Sutter?
  • 15:35:56: How sad Calgary is! They're pa-- wait, we signed Malhotra and Hamhuis to ridiculous contracts!? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  • 15:37:36: The Rangers needed a goalie who could start 25 games. Martin Biron is the complete opposite of that. #gonnakilllundy
  • 15:39:17: Today is absolutely BONKERS. Crazy signings in both the NHL and NBA! And very few of them make any freaking sense!
  • 15:39:42: Why would the New York Rangers let Jody Shelley go, and take Derek Boogaard? Is this 2001?
  • 15:48:33: Apparently, the Wolves are building their team in bunches. Three PGs, 4SFs, 2Cs. Now, they need actual talent at those positions. #khaaaaan
  • 15:54:10: Dear iPhone 4 users: those bumpers that Apple says you need now? They're available. For $30. Again: Apple hates you. http://bit.ly/dzYgpN
  • 15:54:58: I actually feel sorry for Calgary Flames fans. Anytime someone like @DarrenDreger is saying words like "bizarre" with your big signing...
  • 16:18:28: Vinnie Prospal? Are you serious? #firesather
  • 16:25:25: After trudging through with Fiji, somehow, playing with England seems a lot easier. Even against Brazil. #easports
  • 17:36:14: RT @jperlow: It's never a good sign when you get on a conference call and you hear people screaming.
  • 17:37:40: Yay Google! Here's a good one for @cnsteltenp and the GLBT friends of mine on LJ. http://nyti.ms/ab42me

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