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From Twitter 07-02-2010

  • 00:04:26: Some guy who does nothing but troll game journalists has over 600 followers and thousands of unique visitors. People do love shit-flinging.
  • 10:02:29: I love Nike's advertisements. "What do you mean Ronaldinho isn't going to Africa? GET AHOLD OF ROBINHO, ASAP!"
  • 10:10:19: What the hell happened there!? #ned #bra
  • 10:26:08: Wow! Brazil might be falling apart! #ned goal, perfectly done corner! If I could, I'd hug @twelveicings. XD
  • 10:31:53: So does Felipe Melo ever play for Brazil again? I mean, ever? Does Dunga stay on? I hope this doesn't cost Dunga his job, he's good.
  • 10:33:38: Let me tell the football neophytes this right now: this is NOT stunning. The Dutch are really good. Have been for years.
  • 10:40:12: Julio Ceasar is usually better at communicating than this. What is going on?
  • 11:23:57: Oh, well... back to talking about videogames for the next couple hours until Uruguay and Ghana play an ugly, shitty match.
  • 14:09:21: Now that Twitter's stopped spasming, let's see how Uruguay vs. Ghana is... hey! It's as shitty as I thought it would be!
  • 14:15:02: I love how Twitter can talk about periods of no availability without saying "It's the World Cup, what did you expect?"
  • 14:17:21: So when does my AT+T contract end? http://bit.ly/aRl4Bs
  • 14:18:44: Please don't let Ghana get ahead. I don't want to see them writhing in "pain" for the entire second half. #fuckafrica #yeahisaidit
  • 14:20:00: I'm officially a bad luck charm. #gha #fuck
  • 14:20:56: And it looks like the shitty World Cup ball has struck.
  • 14:52:42: Now, why couldn't this Richard Kingston have shown up against the US?
  • 14:52:56: RT @barbhaynes: Dear Confused Teen Girls: someone who sparkles and won't have sex with you isn't a vampire; it's a gay guy.
  • 14:55:06: Couple facts about Richard Kingson: 1) He's 32, 2) He's Wigan's #3 goalkeeper. Let's just say he's not top-shelf.
  • 14:59:04: Most Fiscal "conservatives" nowadays aren't interested in cutting the deficit. They're interested in taking things from poor people.
  • 15:05:39: There comes a point when being "conservative" just means you're a selfish twat. We need to be on the right side of that line.
  • 15:26:04: RT @TheRealBell: Then again, liberals need to be willing to make cuts to sacred cows like education, SS, and other "entitlement" program ...
  • 15:26:57: If we're going to cut spending, cut *spending*. That includes defence. A truly free country doesn't need our imperialistic defence corps.
  • 15:27:47: Mind you, the preceding tweet is from a war veteran. If a former serviceman says it's time to cut defence spending, it's bloody time.
  • 15:30:32: Random sports thought: talking about past World Cup triumphs is as stupid as Yankee fans talking about 27 rings. #youwerentthere
  • 15:39:48: Oh, here comes Ghana and their "injuries". #bullshit
  • 15:42:26: One team can't stop diving. The other can't stop getting "injured". Can we just knock both these teams out and put #ned into the Final?
  • 16:03:29: In hockey, we call that red card a "good penalty". That red card? PRICELESS. Best. Handball. Ever.
  • 16:17:18: Spare a thought for Asamoah Gyan. That missed penalty obscures that he was Ghana's best player tonight.
  • 16:44:42: I can't even update ROSTERS without going Gold? I'm never buying another sports game for this system again. #xbox
  • 20:37:46: They seem to have moved the Derby/Shelton fireworks! What a fucking gyp! I used to be able to watch on the river. Not anymore!
  • 20:58:09: No games to review this weekend. No other work to do this weekend. Nothing but friends tonight. What time is it? It's Persona O'Clock!
  • 21:11:25: And I start off with a BANG! Contrarian King, DOWN! #personaoclock
  • 23:41:49: Nice to see Stephen A. Smith is still shit at his job, which happens to be reporting facts. It's different when you can't scream them, eh?

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Jul. 3rd, 2010 08:50 am (UTC)
Lol at Brasil, kudos to Netherlands :D

;___; for Japan.

I like footy a lot more than basketball I have to say. It's more exciting.
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