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From Twitter 07-03-2010

  • 09:27:50: Dear Bill Clinton: no, it's not OK to have joined the KKK "just to get elected". That's worse. He wasn't naive then, he was a hypocrite.
  • 09:29:56: See? Even famous, "Westernized" Muslims aren't exempt from family trying to kill them for "honour"! http://huff.to/97LuXR
  • 09:51:14: I love what these Budweiser commercials imply. You have to be inventive to have the privilege of paying a premium price for shitty beer.
  • 09:58:53: Dear ABC: How is "My Generation" really different than "Their" generation? From what I see, other than worse music for us, they're similar.
  • 10:00:06: With that said, I am eternally grateful to know - via gigantic red graphic - that "That's So Raven" will play from 1:30 - 2:00. Thanks, ABC!
  • 10:22:51: Both Canada Day and Independence Day fell on a weekend. If I drank alcohol, I'd have to be carried around in a wheelbarrow.
  • 10:25:38: It was only a matter of time before Maradona bit his team in the arse. #arg #ger
  • 10:31:52: You know, it's possible that the Germans are *that* good.
  • 10:46:40: This is degrading into farce. I've seen more closer scores in Cricket matches. Unbelievable. #ger #arg
  • 10:47:34: Give Argentina credit; they're still attacking and going for goal. It's their defence that needs a kick.
  • 12:13:45: 70 years ago, Adolf Hitler spoke of the "master race". Today, there's a black player playing for the German national football team. #wow
  • 14:46:13: Iker Casillas has potentially saved us from the worst World Cup semifinalist of all time.
  • 14:46:43: This referee has BALLS OF STEEL. #esp #par
  • 14:48:49: I say again: BALLS OF MOTHERFUCKING STEEL. #esp
  • 16:02:48: Reading about Elena Kagen, so far, she's shown a willingness to stomp on both the 1st and 2nd amendments. I'm not supposed to be troubled?
  • 20:18:48: Getting a new character in an RPG is like getting a new car. You can't wait to take a test drive and work all the nifty features.
  • 21:09:35: I'm impressed. I see some commercial for iRenew, so I Googled it to find they astroturfed three pages with "legitimate" reviews. Good scam!

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