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From Twitter 07-04-2010

  • 11:31:09: Could Joey Votto be the first MVP candidate that doesn't make his own league's All Star Team?
  • 11:31:51: I see so many reminders of how glorious America is on July 4th. Then I'm shown the hot dog eating contest, and remember how fucked we are.
  • 12:47:44: Enjoy the holiday Americans, but remember: there's a fine line between patriotism and jingoism.
  • 12:49:24: Looking at pictures of a tournament I'm doing this weekend. Yikes. Talk about bush league. This'll be like Einstein teaching year 1 maths.
  • 12:58:11: Waiting for family to come over. Sounds like a good time for an early Persona O'Clock.
  • 21:48:01: RT @hesster56: OH at zoo yesterday: "mommy look, a squirrel!" Yes child, ignore the wonders of nature for a rodent you've seen countless ...
  • 22:05:13: RT @burning_phoneix: Konami admits EA has kicked its ass in footy games, wants to win back hardcore fans: http://bit.ly/aR3bf6 (good to ...

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