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From Twitter 07-05-2010

  • 02:24:41: Wow... I mean, you would think the Brazilians would wait until after the SEMIFINALS, at least. http://es.pn/aCNuAF
  • 11:16:13: Question for MLB: Why should I consider an All Star Game where Omar Infante is an All-Star, yet Joey Votto isn't anything but a farce?
  • 11:53:49: Any story that involves a man named "Joey Chestnuts" isn't fit to be anywhere other than Weekly World News.
  • 12:18:48: Also, Major League Eating should tour in Africa. An eating competition in front of starving people, shoot anyone that jumps the fence. #usa!
  • 12:21:03: RT @Konami: GameFan rates Konami's epic N3II (WTF? We didn't review N3II. I guess Halverson's giving it another go?)
  • 12:32:06: RT @Jim_Sterling: Seeing reviews totally tear Crackdown 2 apart and still give it a decent-to-high score. This is what readers are condi ...
  • 12:35:50: My (2nd) 360 is now giving me problems. You know what? I might just trade the whole fucking lot in. Games and all. I've had it.
  • 12:37:09: The only thing stopping me from going RIGHT NOW is all the XBLA games. I downloaded a LOT of shit. If I do it, I'm selling the name, too.
  • 12:46:48: Playing 2010 FIFA World Cup as England (against Croatia, my nemesis) reminds me that England's best player in the real World Cup was 39.
  • 14:09:33: Nick Swisher is leading Kevin Youkilis in the "final vote" for the AL All Star Team. Obviously, we need to expand rosters again. #disgrace
  • 14:10:45: Let me put this as nicely as possible: Nick Swisher shouldn't be able to get into the All Star game without buying a ticket.
  • 16:13:48: RT @BreakingNews: Texas sees first tar balls from BP spill (Nice to see Texas going open source! ... what?)
  • 17:12:20: RT @HowardBeckNYT: Knicks aren't waiting for July 8 to announce Amare signing: http://tweetphoto.com/31032056 (max $ for non-max player)
  • 17:38:31: Some people, unfortunately, live harder than they can handle. Bob Probert lived and played as hard as possible. http://es.pn/cLcnqO
  • 17:49:24: My hope is that the expanded rosters + convoluted selection rules make the All Star game useless when evaluating careers for the HOF.

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