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From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 01:30:22: Going to give Gwibber one more shot. I'm tired of TweetDeck taking over ALSA whenever I log in. Also tired of closed source. #elitistass
  • 02:26:12: "Hey, I'm good at Persona 4! I think I'll try Devil Survivor!" *hour later* "SPLAT" "Oh" I haven't been spanked like that in a long time...
  • 12:57:58: Dear ESPN, I don't give a fuck about great white sharks, when does the fucking Netherlands game start!?
  • 13:52:29: Dear Americans: don't like football? Watch the first goal in the Netherlands game. You'll convert.
  • 14:03:28: RT @sportsguy33: Down 1-0, Uruguay smartly employs the "let's start accidentally kicking opponents in the face" strategy. Why didn't the ...
  • 14:04:16: Gwibber is too limited. TweetDeck is too "breaks half my shit". Is there ANY Linux-based Twitter app that doesn't suck!?
  • 14:11:50: Every Manchester United fan on Earth is shaking their head in disbelief. #forlan #uru
  • 14:16:58: How is the goal by Forlan a "bad mistake" by Stecklenberg? The ball swerved heavily. That's not a mistake, that's the Jabulani.
  • 14:38:38: There's irony in the completely irrelevant Prince calling the internet irrelevant. http://is.gd/dhMsK
  • 14:40:54: Sorry, Libertarians: if your tea parties are going to support people like Sharron Angle, then I can't play with you anymore.
  • 14:44:22: Someone needs to stop Activision from implicating this "Real ID" bullshit in this way RIGHT FUCKING NOW. http://is.gd/dhMKD
  • 15:01:10: Great goal by #ned! Anyone crying for offsides, you're lucky if you get that call. So borderline. Debatable, but close enough to allow.
  • 15:01:57: No debate about THAT #ned goal! The Netherlands are moving on, almost surely.
  • 15:07:52: ♺ @JPosnanski: Johannesburg is going to look like a gigantic bottle of Fanta on Sunday.
  • 15:14:39: Diego Forlan's out? That's game.
  • 15:19:43: Get the fuck off the pitch, Van Bommel. Do you play for Ghana?
  • 15:20:51: Uh-oh. 3-2, and they're advancing with one minute left. That 2nd goal becomes a big deal again.
  • 15:50:26: My fully cranked A/C is doing absolutely nothing about this heat. The rink - with no ventilation or A/C - will be fun. #tellaileenilovedher
  • 16:36:34: Look at the bright side, Knicks fans: now that we have Amare Stoudamire, it means we lose David Lee. #justfuckingshootme
  • 22:17:09: I hope LeBron does the hat thing that the kid who faked his college recruitment did.
  • 22:18:57: Random guess: LeBron did the "announcement" because he's going to pull a Peyton Manning and announce he's staying in Cleveland.
  • 22:35:03: Who thinks Lindsey is going to spend 90 days in jail? Seriously.
  • 23:11:55: ♺ @lukekarrys: ESPN's LeBron Tracker is kind of pathetic. http://es.pn/cdSrID

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